Moto X gaming opening DSC00728Late final year, Google announced a new underline for Search that allows users to find formula within apps. The formula would uncover adult in a analogous app within a Search app. Essentially, a app is being streamed to Google Search so we can use it but even carrying a app commissioned on your phone. Now, Google is regulating this same tech to concede users to try games in a browser.Here’s how it works. You see an ad for a diversion while you’re browsing a web. When we daub a ad it opens adult a diversion in your browser, no download required, and allows we to play a diversion for adult to 10 minutes. After a hearing is over you’ll be asked to download a app. Developers will be means to implement this underline as a new selling format called “Search Trial Run Ad.”Speaking of gaming, a YouTube Gaming app has recently been updated. You can now pop-out we stream diversion into a floating window above other apps. They’ve also combined new pages for browsing videos from specific games, and a new add-on for live streaming. Live streaming now supports 60fps and DVR. [Download][via Engadget]

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