Animation is one of a fastest flourishing career options in a nation these days. The need for some-more learned animators has brought about a arise in pursuit opportunities and ascended a direct for animation as a remunerative career option.

The direct has exceeded a supply as a animation attention requires some-more than 30,000 professionals each year. Big names in a attention like Fun Bag Animation, Warner Brothers, Industrial Light and Magic and Disney are now exploring India to furnish their animation cinema on a co-production basis. Jobs placements are copiousness in artistic level, since above 70per cent of Hollywood films and all a Indian films are processed in India.

Further, copiousness TV channels need editors, producers, compositors, striking designers and cameramen to furnish programmes and commercials. So there is a high requirement for technical and artistic male power.

WIA (Women in Animation)

India section was launched on 8th Mar 2014 on International Woman’s Day in Pune. Its aim is to emanate and maintain a enlightenment of creativity in women in a margin of animation to grasp unthinkable possibilities and transformations by care and mercantile prosperity. WIA brings together a tellurian village of animation professionals to commission and support women in a art, scholarship and business of animation by augmenting entrance to resources, formulating opportunities for education, enlivening clever connectors between individuals, and moving excellence.

GIGA (Global Institute of Gaming Animation), one of a best Animation Colleges in Chennai have also speedy women to uncover their talents in this margin of Gaming and Animation.

GIGA believes that there is some-more room for women posterior a career in a margin since there is some-more room for self expression. Moreover Indian women are gifted and learned in art. A vast series of intensity workers and women executives have started migrating to a attention from other fields.

As a radio industry’s expansion is extensive in a past 5 years, generally for a calm targeted on kids, there are a copiousness of pursuit opportunities in pivotal positions for women in eccentric film making, visible effects, animation and gaming. It is not only engineering that gives we a job, there are opportunities in visible effects for films and advertisements, 3D animation for 3D films and video games and 2D animation graphics pattern for web and mobile games.

What is WIA?

WIA, Women in Animation  is a tellurian village that brings together animation professionals  to commission and support women in a field

Why career in Animation?

The animation attention requires some-more than 30,000 professionals each year. The work sourroundings and a compensate are also really attractive

Why is it an good career for women?

In a margin of animation, there is some-more room for self-expression. Also, Indian women are really learned in art and animation itself is a form of art.

Nandiniy Vijaykumar is a Director of Global Institute of Gaming and Animation (GIGA)

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