The Windows Store – also famous as a Microsoft Store – is a central digital download store and marketplace for Windows apps.

It is a primary means of distributing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, that are concordant with desktop, mobile and server versions of Windows.

Apps for Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Server, and Xbox can be downloaded from a Windows Store.

In this article, we will find all a latest news about Windows Store updates and services and apps associated to it.

Windows Store news

24/05/2016: Windows 10 diversion sales are distant aloft on desktop than they are on mobile, according to a diversion developer. 

On Microsoft’s developer blog, Game Troopers’s arch handling officer Alex Rodriguez pronounced yet a initial Windows Phone game, Tiny Troopers, did assistance it grasp $1 million in a initial month on a platform, desktop has now spin a primary focus.

Windows Phone helped “validate a business model”, pronounced Rodriguez, but, given then, a sum for desktop downloads of a latest release, Overkill 3, have distant surpassed that of a handset version.

“The launch of Windows 10 has authorised Game Troopers to tell some-more of a titles on desktop PC and tablets, and it’s saying a benefits. For example, a shooter Overkill 3 has perceived 2,000,000 downloads on Windows 10 PC compared to 90,000 downloads for Windows phone,” Rodriguez’s blog post explains.

Microsoft has been struggling to remonstrate consumers, and in spin developers, that a Windows Phone height is a rival choice to marketplace leaders iOS and Android. This week Gartner estimated that 2.4 million Windows Phone inclination were sole in a initial entertain of 2016, accounting for reduction than one per cent of a sum smartphone market.

With such a slim user base, reduce download sum for a Windows Phone versions of Windows 10 games is roughly assured.

On a other palm though, Game Trooper’s Rodriguez points out that Microsoft is pushing larger sales of a titles by cross-promotion, and by featuring in a best titles category, that he pronounced has given his games a poignant boost.

“Our many absolute apparatus for pushing downloads is to get featured in a Windows Store,” pronounced Rodriguez. “Microsoft facilities a games constantly. We can get a limit recognition for a games really easily; this can't be achieved on iOS or Android.”

Following a launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has been creation strides to harmonize a accessibility of games on a platforms, as good as attempting to recover foster in a PC gaming marketplace – that has been improved served by likes of Steam and Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 6, that were formerly usually accessible on Xbox One, are dual vital titles that it has recently to PC for Windows 10 users.

23/05/2016: New-look Windows Store previewed for insiders

Microsoft has revamped a Windows Store for a quick ring insider, a preview of a chronicle that is approaching to be expelled with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Following a recover of a new store, insiders reported a series of bugs. Microsoft has reportedly bound a problems, and a refurbish is now accessible for insiders to manually download.

The redesigned Windows Store reportedly runs faster – a singular click now takes we to a page we seek. The categories and arrangement of a apps have been organized clearer with new particular app listings page design.

This new Windows Store redesign is a initial visible rider Microsoft’s digital download store has perceived given a launch of a Windows 10.

However, users are already job for serve improvements, such as a miss of a wishlist and downloads no longer displaying record size.

Microsoft has a horde of improvements designed for a Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including new-look Start menu, and additions to Microsoft Edge browser.

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