While developer Naughty Dog is saying goodbye to Nathan Drake and a Uncharted series, a mobile diversion isn’t going anywhere for now.

PlayStation Mobile and developer Playspree‘s Uncharted: Fortune Hunter for iOS and Android has surpassed one million downloads, intelligence organisation Sensor Tower shared with GamesBeat today. The publisher’s puzzler, that has favourite Nathan Drake operative his approach by 200 stages featuring environmental puzzles on a tabletop-style playfield, is giveaway to download. But it does underline in-app purchases that capacitate players to clear certain equipment — like dress changes — faster. This is a latest app to launch in a $36.9 billion mobile gaming marketplace as partial of a promotional bid for a big-budget console or PC release.

We formerly saw this plan with a remunerative Fallout Shelter diversion that publisher Bethesda released alongside announcing Fallout 4 and PlayStation Mobile’s possess Ratchet Clank: Before a Nexus. Publishers are anticipating that many gamers spend income on mixed devices, and someone who buys a lot of PlayStation 4 games is likely a same chairman spending a lot on Clash Royale.

While Fortune Hunter has not generated as many income as Fallout Shelter, that reached a top 10 of a grossing charts early in a life. Uncharted has never burst a tip 100 highest-grossing games on iOS or Android. But it still has copiousness of people downloading it around a world.

Fortune Hunter is many renouned in a United States, that accounts for 22 percent of a downloads, according to Sensor Tower.

Here’s a whole tip 5 biggest markets:

  1. United States (22 percent)
  2. Russia (9.5 percent)
  3. France (7.5 percent)
  4. Germany (5.5 percent)
  5. Brazil (5.1 percent)

What’s engaging here is that Russia and Brazil are not traditionally outrageous console markets due to a array of factors that embody tariffs, regulation, and piracy. Fortune Hunter is finding an audience, though, since these are places were people play lots of games.

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Uncharted is traditionally one of a biggest blockbuster franchises in gaming as good as one of Sony’s marquee console releases. Developer Naughty Dog, that produces a core games, is now relocating on from a array to something else. Of course, like Bethesda did with Fallout Shelter, PlayStation Mobile can keep attack Fortune Hunter with updates to inspire fans to keep entrance back.

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