Ubisoft unboxing a front apportionment of 'Might and Magic Heroes VII'

It’s no longer startling to find a boxed diversion that ditches discs in preference of a download code. However, it’s another matter when a publisher promises those discs and afterwards doesn’t follow by — and unfortunately, some gamers are training this first-hand. Might Magic Heroes VII Collector’s Edition buyers are complaining that Ubisoft advertised a pretension shipping with DVDs (including in a official unboxing), yet is usually giving buyers a download code. They aren’t removing a CD soundtrack and digital reward cards, either. Ubisoft is sharpened down during slightest some reinstate requests underneath a explain that a online sequence page usually advertises a download, yet this isn’t unequivocally true. The store categorically distinguishes between online “PC Download” games and a Collector Edition‘s “PC” recover (in other words, a earthy copy).

It’s not transparent what happened, and we’ve reached out to Ubisoft to learn what happened and what it’s doing. At initial glance, though, it looks like Ubisoft designed a disc-based recover and corroborated divided from a thought though revelation customers. The digital duplicate means that you’re still removing something, yet that’s not most comfort if we were told you’d get more… generally if you’re regulating a delayed or capped internet tie that creates downloading impractical.

Update: Well, that was quick. Ubisoft is apologizing to gamers and charity a brew of refunds and giveaway games to Heroes VII Collector’s Edition buyers. To boot, it’s also updating a selling element to simulate what you’ll indeed get.

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