Does a presidential choosing already seem like a large frightful game? (Giant Meteor 2016!) Might as good go with that. Time-warp behind to those early days of arcade fun with Presidential Blitz, an online diversion finished in 8-bit character where we play as possibly Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The diversion is an equal-opportunity offender. Choose to play as Trump, and your idea is to collect bricks to build a wall to retard immigrants while avoiding a media and GOP bombs. Play as Clinton, and we squeeze gifts from your Super PAC while avoiding tweeting Millennials and “that pesky 3 a.m. phone call.”

Presidential Blitz was combined by SquirrelMonkeyCom, that parties with selected video games like it’s 1989. The sum are as pointy as Pac-Man’s teeth (did he have any?), featuring Mario-style leaping and a “Paperboy”-esque background. And distinct a arriving election, if we don’t get a outcome we like here, only pull “play” again and start over.

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