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Living off a land ain’t easy. There’s a lot about Stardew Valley that a diversion doesn’t unequivocally explain, that creates jumping in a bit daunting.

Heck, after personification dozens of hours myself, we still feel like I’m anticipating out new things about how a diversion works any day. So, we suspicion it competence be useful to share some of a things I’ve schooled along a way.

Watch Your Energy Levels

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

When we initial arrive during Stardew Valley, what we can do is flattering limited. Make certain you’re gripping an eye on your appetite bar so that we never overexert yourself. You’ll arise adult with reduction appetite a subsequent day if we do, that will make things even worse!


If You’re Not Using Tools, Unequip Them

Any time we incidentally use a tool, we use adult energy. we make this mistake mostly while perplexing to speak to villagers, so it’s value removing in a robe of unequipping tools. Alternatively, we can have a arms as your active item, given overhanging those doesn’t use adult energy.

Turn On Tool Hit Location

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

This choice will let we see accurately where a apparatus will land when we use it, that is also useful for not wasting unnecessary appetite while incidentally blank your target.

Be Mindful of Your Time

Time passes flattering quick in Stardew Valley. Going from one finish of a map to a other can infrequently take hours, and that’s time we don’t wish to waste. Stores are customarily open during certain timeframes, after all.

Before we start a new day, crush out a ubiquitous thought of what we wish to accomplish before we go out there. It’s good to hang to a integrate of activities during most, generally given partial of your day will always engage given to your crops and livestock.

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

If you’re a prudent type, we can even use this online planner to sketch out accurately how you’ll use your tract of land yet carrying to spend any in-game time scouting.

This competence seem like profusion during first, yet when we clear all a opposite areas and activities in Stardew Valley, we won’t have adequate hours in a day.


If You’re Not Doing Anything, Pause

Unless we wish time to pass, make use of your ESC pivotal to postponement a game. Talking to people, or looking during menus (like for a chest, or when purchasing items) also pauses a game, so don’t worry about holding too prolonged there. Either way, pausing is useful given we don’t wish to rubbish too many in-game time determining if we wish to plant a pumpkin or an eggplant.

Don’t Stay Up Past Midnight

When a time hits 2am, your impression will pass out, no matter what they’re doing. The alloy will always find we and pierce we home, yet he’ll assign you—and a subsequent day, we competence not have as many energy. Do not let this occur to you! Once it gets late, stop whatever you’re doing and start streamer behind home.

Late night awareness is generally critical when you’re in a mines, as walking behind home can take over an hour. we stop spelunking around 11:30PM, and even then, that’s slicing it close.

Forage The Land

Your plantation is abounding with resources, so make use of them! Chop down trees, cave stones: whatever we need, take it. Just don’t get carried divided by regulating too many appetite doing it.

Build Chests

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

You can customarily lift so many things during a time. Once you’ve stockpiled a bit of wood, go into your crafting menu. For 50 wood, we can build a chest.

Use chests to classify all we collect adult in Stardew Valley. we find it’s useful to have a chest inside my house, one subsequent to my crops, one subsequent to my barn, and one subsequent to a mines. My residence chest has things we don’t use unequivocally mostly yet wish to keep around. My mount one has tillage tools. My stable one has livestock-related items. And my cave chest has weapons and beast loot.

A opposite complement competence work improved for you, a indicate is to store equipment where we indeed use them—which can cut down time you’re walking to and from opposite areas, as good as revoke a series of times we turn over-encumbered.

Get 300 Wood To Unlock A New Area

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Wanna make a lot of income discerning early in your game? Head down to a beach area and make a right. You should find a damaged bridge. You can correct it for 300 wood. Over on a other side, we can find a accumulation of items, like shells and coral, that we can sell to a fisherman down south for a good sum. These equipment feed any integrate of days, so it’s value holding a demeanour if you’re in a area. (I find it’s not value going down there unless I’m already branch in fish.)

Upgrade Your Backpack

Right subsequent to Pierre’s income register, we should mark a backpack. You can buy it! It costs $2k, and it’s value it.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

Unless it’s verbatim trash, all we collect adult in Stardew Valley has a use, be it crafting, or benefaction fodder. Heck, even junk can be incited into something useful if we build a recycling machine. Instead of trashing items, you’re improved off stockpiling EVERYTHING in orderly chests. You never know when we competence need it.

My order of ride is: sell anything with a star on it, and keep one of everything, customarily in case. Keeping one of all is an easy approach to perform NPC quests.

Season specific bonuses: In Fall, there’s an eventuality where we need to arrangement your best items. You’ll get graded good for nicer things, so gripping around some gold-star furnish and singular equipment for this eventuality is endorsed during a fall.

Also, keep during slightest some hops for a winter time—by then, you’ll know how to brew. The many essential thing to decoction is wheat, so make certain to grow some during a summer.

Use Fertilizer

While we can plant whatever you’d like right away, we won’t get unequivocally good crops out of it. After you’ve foraged a little, we should have a save of corrupt fibbing around. Go into your crafting menu and make fertilizer. It’s 2 corrupt per box, and any box covers a block of land. Each and any singular thing we plant should be fertilized first, and afterwards watered daily. Your esteem will be improved peculiarity crops, that we can sell for a bigger profit.

You also have a choice of regulating Retaining Soil Fertilizer, that competence keep your plants watered overnight. we don’t consider it’s value it. Speed-Gro Fertlizer creates your crops grow faster by 10%, yet unless a deteriorate is about to change, that’s not unequivocally value it, either. Have patience!

Grow The Best Crop

All seeds are not done equal; some are value some-more than others. Here’s a spreadsheet that breaks accurately what any mount will net we during Pierre’s, yet if we wish a discerning relapse of a many essential seeds, demeanour below:

Fall: Cranberries, Eggplants, Pumpkins.

Spring: Cauliflower, Kale, Potatoes.

Summer: Blueberries, Melon, Red Cabbage.

In short, berries OP.

Plant Things In A 3X3 Grid

Oh, I’m not going to spoil why. Just do it!

Make Artisan Products

Fancy equipment are value some-more than tender materials. If we can make eggs, build a mayonnaise machine. If we have a cow and can furnish cheese, make a cheese press. And we should unequivocally make a preserves jar as shortly as we can; we can dump whatever you’d like in there to make possibly jam or pickles. Finally, yes, we do wish that bee house…just note that we won’t get any sugar during a winter.

Sell Your Produce

Crops will be your categorical source of income. At a start, it competence be tantalizing to eat your equipment for some-more energy, yet don’t do it. Buying upgrades will be value some-more to we and will save we some-more time in a prolonged run.

Buy In Bulk

Shift click on equipment during shops to buy 5 equipment during a time.

Watch TV

Your residence comes packaged with a television, and we should watch it any day. Weather reports for a subsequent day are useful for apparent reasons, and infrequently you’ll also come opposite singular programming, like cooking shows, that can learn we new things.

Check The Notice Board

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

There are dual primary ways of removing quests in Stardew Valley: letters and a notice board. Sometimes, you’ll get mail from residents seeking for specific items. Or, if we right click on a residence on Pierre’s shop, we can take on quests there. Some quests competence be lucrative, others not. Don’t feel like we HAVE to do a query customarily given we took it, given there are always others around a corner. Quests are generally meant to prompt we into perplexing new things, that means they won’t always reasonable or do-able. They are a good approach of apropos friendlier with a residents of Stardew Valley, however.

Secondly, a notice residence also has a calendar on it. Check it out so we know when events are entrance up, or when someone is about to have a birthday. Make certain to give people gifts on their birthdays! The calendar is also good for meaningful when a deteriorate will end. Every mount will die when a deteriorate ends, so make certain you’re not planting anything that will take too prolonged to grow nearby a finish of a season.

Mind The Rain

Rainy days are special. You won’t have to spend time watering plants on inclement days. But, some-more importantly, you’ll A) get rarer fish on that day B) get rarer equipment in a mines. Make use of inclement days!

Make Friends

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Image Credit: Bacchus

Don’t get swept adult tillage and exploring, given Stardew Valley is some-more than that. It’s also a diversion about people. Everyone has a singular story that’s value hearing. If zero else, we unequivocally don’t wish to be a crook during a eventuality that nobody wants to dance with.

Talk to people any day. Get to know their routines, their likes and dislikes. Give them gifts (the central Stardew Valley Wiki is a discerning approach of anticipating out what people prefer.) Eventually, when we get to know someone good enough, they’ll start giving we singular discourse options, as good as special events. Being accessible with people is also a customarily approach we can revisit someone’s room, too, and that’s a good approach of training some-more about who they indeed are.

Romance Cuties

You can intrigue adult to 10 characters in Stardew Valley, regardless of your gender. Your options include:

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Image Credit: Stardew Valley Wiki

If we wish to intrigue somebody, we need to speak to them and get to know them better. Give them gifts (you can give someone adult to dual gifts per week). Do quests for them. When we get to 8 hearts, we can get critical with somebody by giving them a bouquet, that we can buy during Pierre’s. Finally, if we wish to tighten it down totally and marry someone, you’ll need a Mermaid Pendant. Per a Stardew Valley Wiki:

The Mermaid’s Pendant (5000g) can customarily be acquired by a Old Mariner on a beach after you’ve remade a overpass (300 wood), upgraded your residence during slightest once, and customarily on inclement days. You can't obtain a match in a Winter given it does not rain. The marriage will take place 3 days after we introduce and be rubbed by a chairman we are marrying. After a Marriage Ceremony is complete, your new partner will pierce into your farm.

Note that if we marry anybody, they can get sceptical of we for giving equipment to other villagers, so be careful.

You can check your station with NPCs, including how many gifts you’ve given someone, by pausing and going into a heart menu:

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Explore The Mines

Despite all a comparisons to Harvest Moon, around half of Stardew Valley is indeed fight related. Every once in a while, it’s value perplexing to go deeper into a mines to see what you’ll find. Any beast rob we collect adult can be sole during a Adventurer’s Guild, and any 10 floors you’ll get a special item. Every 5 floors, there’s an elevator, so creation swell is easy.

Also, it’s probable to fish inside a mines, too. If we find a physique of water, expel your line, see what bites. The mines have special fish we can’t find anywhere else.

FYI, a mines should clear a week into spring. If you’re carrying difficulty locating it, go a small northeast of a carpenter’s shop. It should be to a right of Linus’ tent.

Finally, a fastest lane to a mines is a highway above your ranch, NOT by a town.

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Bring Staircases With You

For 99 stones, we can qualification a staircase anywhere within a mine. This is useful if you’re regulating out of time or energy, yet need to go down deeper into a cave immediately.

Kill Worms Quickly

These irritating pests will morph into an wholly new rivalry if we don’t kill them quick enough.

Meet The Dwarf

When we initial revisit a mines, a area directly to your right will be sealed off. But if we build a cherry explosve (4 copper, 1 coal), or if we ascent your cleaver enough, we can mangle a separator down and revisit a dwarf. You can’t indeed know a dwarf until we find all a Dwarven Scrolls, that will be dark intermittently opposite Stardew Valley in a worm-like spots mentioned above.

Eat Snacks

Low on energy? You should eat! Certain equipment we grow or make on a plantation are edible, or we can qualification certain food items, like Field Snacks. When we ascent your residence with a carpenter, you’ll also clear a kitchen, that lets we use mixture we grow to prepare food. (Side-note: a concomitant fridge we get in this ascent is good for storing food!) It’s good to always lift around during slightest a few snacks, generally when exploring a mines. You never know when you’ll be in a pickle.

Certain equipment even give we good boosts, too. The Saloon sells Coffee for $300, that increases your transformation speed for a small while. Trout Soup, sole by a fisherman for $250, increases your fishing ability temporarily. Home-cooked dishes also have a far-reaching accumulation of effects, so it’s value scoping those out. Remember that a Saloon can sell we recipes, too.

Visit The Saloon In The Evening

Lots of people rally here, generally on a weekends. So not customarily is a tavern a good approach of socializing, we can also play a games over during a arcade. Note that if your happening says you’ll have good fitness that day, you’ll transport improved during these arcade games too.

Donate To The Museum

If an object says we can give it to Gunther, we should do it—especially if it’s a rare, costly item. Every few donations, you’ll get a neat prerogative during a museum. Don’t worry, you’ll find some-more diamonds in no time.

Once we benefaction 60 equipment to a museum, you’ll clear a sewers, another explorable area for we to enjoy.

Use Your Shipping Container

Artifacts we can’t sell can still give we income if we “ship” them. The shipping enclosure is that large box right subsequent to your house. If shops are closed, a shipping enclosure can still give we moolah for your items. You’ll customarily have to wait until a subsequent day.

Get A Glass Fiber Rod

First, save adult adequate income to squeeze during slightest a fiberglass rod (it’s $1,800.) Once we have it, qualification some attract regulating bug beef you’ve picked adult in a mines (one bug beef = 1 bait). You can insert a attract to your rod by left clicking on a bait, and afterwards right clicking on a rod. Bait helps we locate fish faster.

Fish On Bubbles

See some froth in a water? That’s where we wish to expel your line. You’ll locate fish faster, and they’ll be rarer, too.

Be A Precise Fisherman

When we expel a line, we find it’s best to have a “catch bar” go adult to somewhere around a middle, like so. Max bar uses adult too many energy.

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

When something bites, try to reason down your rodent pitch and palliate off as required rather than customarily click-mashing. It’s easier to control where a immature bar goes with this method.

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Sometimes, you’ll get fish that jerks we around a lot. If a fish unexpected nosedives, don’t follow a lead—letting go unexpected will means your immature bar to rebound during a bottom of of a fishing bar, that can infrequently make things worse.

If you’re anticipating fishing difficult, do know that a some-more we do it, a some-more we turn that ability up, and a easier it’ll be in a future.

Get Fishing Gifts

If a offshoot nets we a benefaction chance, we can clear a additional object by putting a locate bar over a chest pitch until we hear a chime. (You’ll still have to locate a tangible fish to get it, though.)

An easy approach of ensuring we clear gifts is to initial fill adult your locate bar, and afterwards go after a benefaction itself. This way, we have some-more space to pursue a gift, and we won’t risk a fish in a process, as you’ll always have time to build your locate behind up.

Put Out Crab Pots On Water Sources

Whether we build one (40 timber + 3 iron bars) or buy one, Crab Pots are an easy approach of collecting new fish or items. we have one nearby a blacksmith, and we check it whenever we need to routine a geode or benefaction an object during a museum.

Upgrade Your Tools

The improved your tools, a some-more they can do. Of sold note is a watering can, as a copper chronicle allows we to H2O 3 squares during a time. The best time to entirely ascent a watering can is during a winter, as we won’t have a garland of crops to worry about then.

The other tools, we should ascent depending on how we play a game. If we do a lot of cave exploration, go for your cleaver first. If you’re spiteful for hardwood, ascent that axe. Note that any ascent we do will typically take a integrate of days during a blacksmith, a time during that we both can't use a object or a blacksmith for any other purpose—so ascent wisely.

Dig Stuff Up

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

OK, here’s a uncanny thing. You know those uncanny worm-like things in a ground? Use your hoe on those spots. You’ll puncture something up. Usually, it’s a book, yet sometimes, it’ll be something cold and valuable. These spots are random, and they feed any day.

If you’re perplexing to collect clay, puncture around until we find some. When we do, use a cleaver on that same square. It’ll reset, and you’ll be means to puncture adult as many clay as we want.

Finally, we can indeed use your hoe on mud rags inside a mines, and doing so will unearth a accumulation of opposite items, from resources to snacks. Just don’t go overboard and use adult all your appetite digging by these patches, given they are plentiful.

Check Out The Gypsy Cart

On Fridays and Sunday, a special sight will seem nearby a wizard’s tower. It customarily sells surprising items, yet they’ll be expensive. Sometimes, it’s value it, though.

Wade Through Trash Cans

Every residence has a rabble can, that we can check by right clicking. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something good. Just don’t dumpster dive while other characters are around you—they’ll judge!

Build Community Center Bundles

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Eventually, you’ll get a small cutscene nearby a aged Pelican City Hall. Once that happens, you’ll clear Community Center Bundles, that are fundamentally quests where you’re tasked with collecting a accumulation of items. These are value doing, given they clear new things within your game, like faster transport and new areas. Some bundles are season-specific, so you’ll need to get enormous on them ASAP.

Of sold note is a Greenhouse bundle, that will let we correct your greenhouse. Having a hothouse lets we grow whatever we wish year round! Additionally, doing Community Center bundles is how you’ll get a payoff of visiting a dried on your map. Finally, yet Stardew Valley insists zero can be grown during winter, if we finish a Winter Bundle, it’ll endowment we with Winter Seeds—which, yes, can grow during winter.

Build A Silo Before Getting Any Animals

To feed your animals, we need hay. To get hay, we need to use a scythe on grass. This grain will automatically save on any silos you’ve built, so it’s useful to have that set adult before we get any cows or chickens. You can check on your grain pot by walking adult to your silo and right-clicking.

At a finish of fall, we positively wish to make certain your silo(s) are full—grass doesn’t grow in winter, and we don’t wish your animals to starve.

Side-note, we should also not cut any weed until we have a silo, too. Otherwise, all that grain goes to waste.

Take Care of Your Animals

Tips For Playing Stardew Valley

Pet your animals any day, as this will make them happy. Build fences around their barns, and afterwards let them outward during a day, as this will also build adult happiness. However, we contingency make certain to tighten these hatches during night time, given if we leave them open, your animals will furnish reduction resources a subsequent day. Eventually, if we make your animals happy enough, you’ll be means to sell them behind for a good profit.

Chase After The Train

Every so often, Stardew Valley will tell we that there’s a sight going by. If you’re fast/near enough, conduct adult to a trainyard and watch a sight speed by. It’ll dump equipment as it goes along. Just don’t conflict a train—you’ll get hurt!

Visit The Spa

Eventually, you’ll clear a spa. You should unequivocally check it out, as it replenishes your energy. Just mount still in a rejuvenating H2O and let it work a magic. You can customarily revisit it once per day.

Put On Some Hats

If you’ve unbarred any achievements, there’s a emporium south of a sorceress building that will sell we cold hats.

Where To Find Quest Items (SPOILERS)

Don’t review this if we wish a ‘challenge’ of anticipating these equipment on your own, but! To find a Mayor’s shorts, we need to turn dual hearts accessible with Marnie. The mayor’s shorts are in her room. Linus’ basket, meanwhile, is on a left side of a train road.

Have Fun

There’s a lot to do and to keep lane of in Stardew Valley, yet we should never feel vigour to do all of it right away. The diversion can be played infinitely, and if we don’t find approach to do something one year, a subsequent year will always benefaction we with a new opportunity. Play during your pace, and know that there’s always another day on a horizon.

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