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The folks during Up-Down wish to find out who is a best arcade gamer in Kansas City.

On Sunday, Mar 20, Up-Down will reason a initial King of Cade competition. Thirty-two competitors will be reserved incidentally to games — arcade games, pinball, skee-ball and Nintendo 64 — via Up-Down until a King of Cade is crowned in this double-elimination tournament. 

The leader will travel divided with 4 Diamond Club apartment tickets with a tailgate pass and celebration cooler, and two-for-one tokens during Up-Down by Apr 1, 2017.

Registration is now open during If you’re interested, here are the rules. Shit competence get genuine if ex-Joust champion and Kansas City resident Steve Sanders, who was featured in The King of Kong documentary, happens to uncover adult and hurl a machine.  

No word on either a best pinball appurtenance in a joint, World Cup, is enclosed in a tourney.

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