Telstra will chuck open a floodgates on mobile information for all a business currently in reimburse for an annoying outage final month.

But what do we do with your newfound energy of unmetered downloads for a day?

Well, we offshoot adult your phone to your PC around a wifi hotspot choice in settings and let a downloads fly, of course!

For some people, they will be means to get download speeds regulating a 4G network that are many times a speed they get over their home ADSL2+ connections, while others competence find a Telstra network cripplingly delayed as some-more and some-more users burden adult a network.

Your mileage competence vary. Be certain to check out Telstra’s FAQ on either we validate for giveaway data.

For Telstra, Sunday will not usually be a PR practice yet a large exam of a network that will yield useful evidence information on a capabilities.

Here we go:

1. Download Wikipedia

External Link:

All of tellurian story can be stored on a USB ride drive

Yep. You can download a whole online thesaurus of tellurian story and knowledge.

Should we wish an offline, searchable duplicate of Wikipedia for personal use or if multitude collapses, we can download it to keep it protected on a tough expostulate or a small ride expostulate we lift around.

It is usually 12GB in size.

Be certain to demeanour adult how to open and review a Wikipedia download as there are a series of collection accessible that will make clarity of a database.

2. Backup your print library to a cloud

Google Photos using on a mobile phone, inscription and laptop

Google will give we total cloud storage space if we use a Google Photos app on iOS or Android.

The app will concede we to automatically backup all your cinema and videos to a servers, like a large storage locker.

You can afterwards undo them from your phone to save storage space if we wish.

There are also other online storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud and MEGA for subsidy adult your critical files, yet nothing of them have an total giveaway storage option.

3. Download all your Steam games

If we cruise yourself a PC gamer we substantially have a flattering large library of video games on Steam.

During a initial giveaway information day in Feb one user downloaded 421GB of data, with a large cube of that entrance from Steam.

He downloaded all his games to a removable tough expostulate so he had a backup repository and did not need to have them all holding adult space on his computer.

4. Download free-to-play games

There are many intensely renouned online video games we can download that are giveaway to play.

Some of these games are flattering large in distance though, so an total download top and super quick 4G speeds competence work to your advantage.

Unreal Tournament

Here are some suggestions for games accessible on Steam during no charge:

  • Dota 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Warframe
  • Path of Exile
  • Smite
  • Planetside 2
  • Lord of a Rings Online

How about some other non-Steam games:

  • Unreal Tournament (the new one)
  • Heroes of a Storm
  • Hearthstone

5. Torrents

External Link:

Keep your swell downloads legal

It roughly goes but observant that with a quick download speed and no information top we will be means to spin your courtesy to torrents.

There are copiousness of authorised torrents for we to download, and after a bit of a web hunt we can find a lot of openly expelled song and movies.

There are also freeware video games, some of them dating behind to a DOS days in a 90s, that we can download as large collections.

6. Stream TV shows in 4K

There are a few prerequisites we need for this: a 4K TV or monitor, during slightest a 25 megabit per second tie speed, and a Netflix TV app or Blu-Ray actor that supports 4K streaming.

Connect your 4K TV to a internet around a wifi hotspot on your Telstra-powered mobile phone, afterwards launch a Netflix app on your TV and find some Ultra HD titles to watch.

A lot of Netflix’s possess titles like House of Cards, Daredevil and Orange Is The New Black are accessible in Ultra HD 4K.

And of course, even if we do not have a 4K TV we can tide unchanging peculiarity shows around Netflix, Stan, Presto or any other height around your mobile phone with no impact on your data.

Time to go on a TV binge … supposing Telstra’s network binds up.

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