Summon Night 5 cost rebate Twitter debate started

Watch a opening in 1080p for a initial time.

Summon Night 5

Gaijinworks has announced a “Retweet Price Slicer” Twitter debate to revoke a cost of a digital chronicle of Summon Night 5, due out for PSP (and by prolongation PS Vita and PlayStation TV) in North America this fall.

By retweeting this tweet, a $34.99 starting cost of a game’s digital chronicle will gradually drop. Here’s a outline:

  • At 250 retweets: $33.99
  • At 500 retweets: $32.99
  • At 1,000 retweets: $31.99
  • At 2,000 retweets: $30.99
  • At 4,000 retweets: $29.99
  • At 5,000 retweets: $28.99

Each chairman who retweets a twitter before midnight on Oct 31 will be entered into a random-drawing giveaway to win one of 5 PlayStation TV bundles including a PlayStation TV hardware, a DualShock 3 controller, and an 8 gigabyte memory card.

In further to this announcement, Gaijinworks also common a high-definition chronicle of Summon Night 5‘s opening movie. This is a initial time, even in Japan, a Ufotable-animated opening can be noticed in 1080p resolution. Watch it below.

[embedded content]

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