05 Jan 2016 / 22:00GMT

TVs are only TVs, aren’t they? Not during CES.

Samsung has only announced their 2016 choice of telly superstars and boy, do they demeanour good. 

HDR is a new 4K

While 4K refers to fortitude and detail, HDR gives we improved contrariety ratios and even some-more colour, that means we competence be means to see 50 shades of grey, literally.

The new 2016 SUHD TVs will offer an outlay of during slightest 1000 nit to give viewers improved contrariety between a light and low sides for colours that will cocktail right off your shade and yield some-more immersive, life-like TV marathon sessions. Trust us, binge-watching will never be some-more addictive than this. 

The spare on TVs

See that good large TV? Notice that a picture stretches all a approach to a sides? That’s a KS9500 SUHD TV – a initial ever bezel-less winding TV. These factors total together make for a cinematic knowledge that we don’t have to make a outing to a community entertainment for. 

Aside from bezels disappearing, shortly you’ll consternation where your TV is when we demeanour during it from a side. Just like smartphones, they’re going to get genuine thin. However, distinct a KS9500 SUHD TV, a TV here is only explanation of concept.

TVs aren’t only TVs anymore

The TV is going to be a authority centre of your residence and we a commander interjection to SmartThings. We saw examples of how we can switch to CinemaMood when you’re about to get into a movie-watching section and it will low your connected lights for you, or if someone is during a door, we can brand who a chairman is from your TV around your connected confidence camera and afterwards confirm if that chairman is value removing adult for. 

Aside from these super available connected features, you’ll be means to entrance your PlayStation Now comment to tide and download games but a console. Perfect for gaming during your friend’s place so prolonged as he has a new Samsung Smart TV.

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