The approach people suffer comics has grown severely over a final few decades — a few clicks on your smartphone can now take we to a latest comic series.

Since American artist Eric Millikin published his Wizard of Oz satire comic on CompuServe in 1985, a inundate of comics has flooded a web.

Webcomic, as it’s popularly known, serves as a car for rising comic creators to mangle into a industry. LINE Webtoon, a tellurian digital comic use platform, does only that — providing giveaway comics from a curated preference of artists.

Since rising in Indonesia in April, Webtoon was downloaded over 1.5 million times in a initial dual months alone and has been accessed by an normal of 3 million people per month.

Orange Marmalade, a vampire-human adore story penned by South Korean artist Jung Seok Woo, has spellbound Indonesian comic lovers and turn a many renouned Webtoon comic in a country.

LINE Webtoon has also expel light on some rising internal comic artists, like Faza Meonk — famous for his tales of silly-but-witty child Si Juki; and Sweta Kartika with his waggish argument among superheroes tale, Piraku x Piraku.

The 3 talked to the Jakarta Post about their inspiration, prophesy and skyrocketing fame.



First published in South Korea’s Webtoon, Seok Woo’s Orange Marmalade has achieved strange success.

The comic, that ran from 2011 until 2014, has been blending into a 12-episode Korean play array underneath a same title.

Seok Woo pronounced a comic array was desirous by his initial sketch of a vampire girl, Baek Ma-ri, who unintentionally kisses — and roughly bites — a neck of a renouned boy, Jung Jae-min, after intuiting a honeyed aroma of his blood.

“In a initial episode, a lady bites a boy’s neck. When we initial drew it, we felt a story [transpired in that scene] would turn booming, so we continued to pull a rest of a story,” he pronounced on a sidelines of a new Popcon Asia festival in Jakarta.

The story is set in a anticipation universe where humans and vampires coexist and vampires no longer rest on tellurian blood for food, though they face discrimination, forcing them to censor their loyal nature.

“Through Orange Marmalade, we wish to uncover a taste faced by vampires in a tellurian universe and a ups and downs of Ma-ri and Jae-min’s romance.”

Born in 1984, Seok Woo launched his career with a thriller webcomic Nostalgia in 2008. A year later, he expelled a teenage play 17 Years Old, That Summer Day’s Miracle, also on a web.

Drawing was his favorite activity to kill time during his propagandize years.

“I didn’t know how to make friends so we spent many time alone. By sketch comics, we could flow my heart out,” he said.

Despite his parents’ disapproval, he complicated animation during university. His parents’ views about his career choice gradually shifted after his comics became a hit.

“I am beholden many people like Orange Marmalade. we wish to appreciate a fans for reading a series, and hopefully they will like my arriving works,” he pronounced about his success in Indonesia.

“I wish some-more Korean Webtoon comics can accept good response like what Orange Marmalade has. we also wish that Indonesian comics can enter Korea Webtoon too.”


Courtesy of Webtoon

Webtoon array Si Juki, Lika Liku Anak Kos follows a buck-toothed, turn eyed 20-something-year-old child named Juki as he plays tricks and pranks, that oftentimes go hilariously wrong, on his friends.   

The comic was grown 4 years ago when Faza Ibnu Ubaidillah, improved famous by his coop name Faza Meonk, was posterior his Bachelor’s grade in animation during Binus University in Jakarta.

He combined a comics story formed on observations of his friends’ stupid behavior. “Si Juki is speedy by his techer to be opposite so he tries his best to uncover he is an anti-mainstream boy,” a 24-year-old artist said.

Since a entrance in late 2011, Faza has dedicated most time to popularizing a character; frequently penning new episodes and uploading them for giveaway on amicable media.

“With this, we built a character’s branding. When a lot of people know him, it becomes most easier [to marketplace Si Juki].”

Until now, Si Juki has seemed in 9 books and starred in advertisements of roughly 30 internal and tellurian brands, trimming from FIFA Online diversion and Samsung to Bank Mandiri and present noodle Pop Mie — earning Faza and his nine-man group around Rp 60 million (US$4,248) per month.

Faza grown his business indication after watching how Japanese and American comic artists variegate their creations.

“Comics open a approach for animation, games, toys and advertisements. we trust this [product diversification] should be practical in Indonesia. we became a initial to request it, and wish that other internal artists will follow.”  

He also set adult Pionicon, a character-based IP government company, that now manages 7 comic characters, including Tuti and Friends and Si Bedil.   

Faza, who treated Si Juki some-more than only a commercial comic impression though also as his car to make amicable commentary, hopes to strech into a tellurian comics stage with his beloved friend, Si Juki, who perceived a 2015 Kosasih Award for Best Character.

“In a past, we already had icons, like Unyil and Si Komo. we wish Si Juki, along with other internal comic characters, can emerge to be a new icons in Indonesia, and also benefit recognition worldwide.”


Courtesy of Webtoon

Renowned for his regretful comic series, Sweta Kartika stairs out from his comfort section with comedy series, Piraku x Piraku.

Piraku x Piraku, his entrance Webtoon series, revolves around 6 families of superheroes enmeshed in a extreme competition. Piraku x Piraku is a mix of American comic and Japanese manga sketch styles, with an astonishing hold of Javanese culture.

“I am captivated to Javanese nobleness family names. we consider they are only like a name of eminent houses in Game of Thrones,” he said, referring to HBO’s strike anticipation play series.

“I suspicion of how to make these names sound cold when brought to a complicated media form like comics. Instead of regulating a original, Kartosasmito, that might sound ndeso [rustic and backward], we emanate a Kartasasmita, a Aryateja and a Sastradireja.”

The comics pretension originates from Sundanese word, Piraku, that means “how come”.  

The array starts with an infrequently humorous moment. A failing father of a Kartasasmita family reveals to his 4 kids that they have superpowers. He dies, though within a second reappears as a spook who constantly annoys his children.

Born in Kebumen, Central Java, in 1986, Sweta was introduced to a art of sketch during an early age by his father, who desired sketching comics though never published any books.

His father unprotected Sweta to a far-reaching array of comics, from Chinese Manhua, Japanese Manga, European comics to Donald Duck, that after shabby his sketch style.

In 2004, Sweta changed to Bandung to investigate Communication Visual Design during a Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and in 2011 expelled his entrance comic, The Dreamcatchers, that follows a group who battles calamity creatures in a area of dreams; and web comic array Wanara, that ran for over a year.

However, his arise to celebrity came after a recover of teenage adore story, Grey Jingga.

Through a Facebook page, Sweta published a new page of Grey Jingga each Monday and Thursday. He also done a soundtrack.

From Oct. 2012 until a array finish in Jan 2014, Sweta garnered some 14,000 Facebook followers. Now, he has some 27,000 followers.  

Koloni, a comic edition house, after expelled a printed chronicle of Grey Jingga notwithstanding concerns people would not be meddlesome to buy it, given it was already accessible online for free.

But some 3,000 copies were sole within a month, creation it a fastest-selling comic ever published by Koloni. Grey Jingga is now in a interpretation routine in credentials for a Japanese debut.

In a prolonged term, Sweta hopes he can have a solid chartering income from his comics, like American comic creator Stan Lee.

“That’s my ultimate idea since such a business can be upheld down over a generations. When we am gone, my children can still suffer a royalties.”

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