We’re little some-more than dual years into a stream era of diversion consoles, though Sony and Microsoft already are readying faster, improved machines for a market.

But conjunction association appears ready to call this a new era of consoles. Instead, a new machines are being portrayed as simply upgraded versions of a comparison devices.

Andrew House, CEO of a multiplication of Sony that oversees a PlayStation products, confirmed in an talk that a association has a new console in a works. Code-named “Neo,” a updated appurtenance will have a most faster processor and support 4K video resolution.

The Neo “is dictated to lay alongside and element a customary PS4,” House told a Financial Times. “We will be offered both (versions) by a life cycle.”

There’s no word from Sony nonetheless what it will assign for a Neo or when it will recover a console. Sony expects that all or “a really vast majority” of PlayStation 4 games will work on both consoles, House said.

Archrival Microsoft also reportedly has a new appurtenance in a works, this one an ascent of a Xbox One console that has a formula name “Scorpio.” Like Sony’s Neo, Scorpio reportedly will support 4K fortitude and embody a faster processor. Scorpio is due out subsequent year and will be technically absolute adequate to support Facebook’s Oculus Rift practical existence headset, Kotaku reported.

Both a PlayStation 4 and a Xbox One hit store shelves in 2013. Sony’s appurtenance debuted 7 years and Microsoft’s device 8 years after their predecessors, a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively. The opening between console generations was one of a longest ever.

Game association executives have indicated that they would like to pierce to a some-more evolutionary model of hardware improvements, one in which console makers upgrade their machines some-more frequently though but as most disruption. Typically, when consoles pierce from one era to a next, they offer singular support during best for games designed for comparison machines.

File photo: A shopper walks on a trademark of Sony’s PlayStation 4 during an wiring store in Tokyo in Dec 2014. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

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