Remix OS is a desktop-style handling complement built around Google Android. It lets we run substantially any Android app or game, though it provides a desktop, taskbar, and window manager that creates Google’s mobile handling complement feel some-more like Windows and other desktop handling systems.


The handling complement used to customarily run on inclination with ARM-based processors, though in Jan a developers during Jide launched an alpha chronicle of Remix OS for PC, permitting we to run a handling complement on thousands of desktop or cover computers with Intel or AMD chips.

Now Remix OS for PC is shedding a alpha standing and entering beta. While a alpha chronicle was designed to run from a USB peep drive, Remix OS for PC beta can be commissioned to your tough expostulate or SSD, permitting we to dual-boot Remix OS and Windows.


That means each time we foot your computer, you’ll have a choice to name that handling complement to run.

Right now a Remix OS for PC installer supports Windows 7 and later. Jide says a Mac chronicle is on a way. And if we confirm we don’t wish to keep Remix OS commissioned on your computer, it’s even easier to mislay a handling complement than it is to implement it.


Another pivotal new underline in Remix OS for PC beta is support for over-the-air updates. This is something that’s been accessible given day one for inclination that boat with Remix OS, like a Jide Remix Ultra inscription and Remix Mini desktop. But a alpha chronicle of Remix OS for PC lacked an updater, so a customarily approach to ascent was to reinstall a handling complement from scratch.

One thing that’s still missing? The Google Play Store. Because Remix OS for PC hasn’t been approved by Google, Jide doesn’t have accede to discharge a Play Store with a handling system. But it’s comparatively easy to implement it yourself. Once you’ve commissioned Remix OS on your PC, only follow Liliputing’s beam for loading a Play Store.


Don’t wish to implement Remix OS to your inner storage? No problem. You can still bucket it onto a bootable USB peep drive, that lets we run a handling complement though creation any changes to your computer. But installing it alongside Windows means we don’t need to lift a peep expostulate around with you, don’t need to worry about a read/write speeds of that peep drive, and competence see improved altogether performance.

Note that I’ve tested this routine on dual conflicting computers regulating Windows 10 and it worked ideally on one PC… though a we couldn’t get past a Remix OS foot shade on a other. Fortunately it’s easy to uninstall Remix OS or only implement it to a peep expostulate if we run into problems.

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How to implement Remix OS for PC Beta to a tough expostulate or SSD

1. Download a latest chronicle of Remix OS for PC from a Jide website. There should be builds for computers with 32-bit and 64-bit chips. Choose a suitable one for your PC.

(Note that while a 32-bit chronicle will run on computers with 64-bit chips, a conflicting is not true).

2. Unzip a record we only downloaded and we should have 3 files: a calm record with instructions, an installer file, and an ISO record that is a front image.

3. Run the Remix OS Installation Tool.exe focus and make certain Type and Drive settings during a bottom are scold (you wish “Hard Disk” for Type if you’re installing to built-in storage, and a expostulate minute should compare a expostulate you’ve got Windows commissioned on).


4. Click a Browse symbol subsequent to a box that says ISO File and name a vast front picture we only downloaded. It should be called something like Remix OS for PC_x86_64-B2016xxxxxx.iso.

5. Click a symbol that says OK to start a installation.


Wait a few mins until a swell scale has finished and we see a summary observant we can reboot a mechanism to finish a designation process.

6. When we reboot, we should see a new foot choice for Remix OS. Select that choice regulating a arrow keys on your keyboard and strike enter.


7. Wait.

This subsequent step should take 15 – 30 mins depending on your computer’s hardware. Remix OS is fundamentally formulating a new 8GB assign on your tough expostulate and installing a handling complement in that space.


8. When all is finished, Remix OS will foot for a initial time and we can start regulating this desktop-style, Android-based handling system.

9. Want to go behind to Windows? Just strike a energy idol from a app menu, name reboot and when a foot menu shows adult again, name Windows instead of Remix OS.

How to implement a Play Store

Wondering where a apps are? You can go into a Settings menu and capacitate designation of apps from different sources so that we can download and implement APKs from only about anywhere.

But your best gamble in many tools of a universe is to only install a Google Play Store by following a instructions. Then we can login with your Google comment ID and entrance some-more than a million Android apps and games.

You should click that couple above for some-more minute instructions, though here’s a video overview of a proces:

[embedded content]

Can we get more than 8GB of storage?


The central Remix OS for PC installer is configured to use 8GB of hoop space, since that should give we adequate room for a few vast apps (or a lot of tiny ones), as good as some files. But it’s also a tiny adequate volume of space that a designation routine typically takes around 15 – 30 minutes.


But even before Jide expelled a apparatus for installing Remix OS to a tough drive, users had figured out how to do it themselves regulating a USB peep drive-only chronicle of Remix OS for PC alpha… and tucked divided in some of those instructions are methods for installing a handling complement onto any assign that’s at least 8GB.

So if we wish to do things a tough way, we competence wish to try following a stairs in this reddit post or this xda-developers forum thread.

How to uninstall Remix OS

If Remix OS didn’t implement scrupulously or we only wish to mislay it for any reason, there are dual really discerning and easy ways to do that.

The initial is to only run a installer again. It’ll notice that Remix OS is already commissioned on your PC and offer to uninstall it for you. The routine takes only a few seconds. When it’s done, a installer will ask we to name a ISO we wish to install, though if we tighten a app, you’re all set.


Don’t have a installer handy? No problem. Just open adult a Windows File Explorer, navigate to a C:Remix OS directory, and run a UninstallRemixOS.exe file. It’ll mislay a handling system, reset your foot menu options, and undo many of a files in this directory.

How to implement Remix OS on a USB peep drive

These stairs are similar, to those above, though a small simpler.

1. Download a chronicle of Remix OS we wish from a Jide website.

2. Plug a USB 3.0 peep expostulate with during slightest 8GB of storage into your PC. Note that it needs to support FAT32 and for best results, it should have a write speed of during slightest 20 MB/s.

Technically we can use a slower USB drive, or even a USB 2.0 drive. But you’ll get most improved opening from a faster peep drive.

3. Run a Remix OS Installation Tool and change a choice for Type during a bottom of a shade to USB Drive, and name a suitable expostulate minute for your peep drive.


4. Click OK and wait for a installer to do a thing.

5. When it’s finished, reboot your PC and follow a procession for booting from USB.

If we have a newer mechanism with Secure Boot features, you’ll substantially need to invalidate it. Older computers with BIOS rather than UEFI substantially won’t have this issue. But in possibly case, we might have to strike a special pivotal on your keyboard to get to a menu that lets we name that expostulate to foot from (internal storage or a USB peep drive).

For instance, a F12 pivotal customarily does this on Dell and Lenovo computers, a Esc pivotal can move adult a foot menu on Asus systems, and HP uses a F9 pivotal to get to a foot menu.

6. Choose either we wish to run in Guest Mode or Resident Mode. The disproportion is that in Guest Mode, nothing of your settings will be saved if we reboot. Resident Mode lets we save information to your expostulate so that your files and settings are still there whenever we foot from a peep drive.

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