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In this week’s PlayStation LifeStyle Help Desk, we’ll tackle how to download your “free” PlayStation Plus games around a central PlayStation app, or by a web browser. Yep, this is for those times when we wish to download a PS+ — or any diversion — while you’re in a office, or some place where we don’t have entrance to your consoles.

While this competence seem like a no-brainer to some, you’d be astounded during how many emails we get from readers seeking about this. We’ve summarized a key steps below, as good as tips from a staff and because we should always download a giveaway PS+ games each month.

Before we review on a instructions on how to download games around your PC or a PlayStation app, make certain “Remote Downloads” is enabled on your console first.

How To Enable Remote Downloads on PS4:

  • Go to Settings; Power Save Settings; Set Features Available in Rest Mode
  • Make certain a box is checked for Stay Connected to a Internet and Enable Turning on of PS4 From Network
  • Go to Settings; System; Automatic Downloads
  •  Make certain a box is checked for Application Update Files
  • Make certain that your complement is in rest mode to capacitate ability to remote download

Here’s how to download around browser:

  • Go to central PlayStation Store (make certain you’re sealed in)
  • Go to “Games”
  • Below a large “Games” heading, you’ll see “Featured”
  • Take a demeanour subsequent Featured and click on a “PlayStation Plus” category
  • Once on a PS+ category, check underneath “Featured” again for “Free Games”
  • You should be during this part of a PlayStation Store from a browser
  • Click on any giveaway PS+ game
  • Choose “Add to Cart”
  • Click “Confirm” when asked if we determine to Sony’s PS+ policy
  • Proceed to “Continue Shopping” if we wish to continue browsing or ensue to “Checkout” to endorse purchase
  • Once confirmed, we can possibly check your “Download List,” or download a diversion around your PS4 by clicking a “Download to PS4” button 

And basically, that’s it! While I’ve listed a super minute routine on how to do it, we accumulate many people will be means to figure it out by themselves usually by going to a “Games” territory alone.

As for regulating a PlayStation app, it’s even easier and has reduction clicks to get to your giveaway games.

  • Download and implement a PlayStation app (iOS, Android)
  • Sign in
  • On a uppermost left side, you’ll see a PlayStation Store idol (click it)
  • You’ll see a list of categories and pound dab in a center will be “PlayStation Plus” finish with a bullion + icon
  • On a PlayStation Plus alighting page, usually corkscrew down and underneath “Featured” you’ll see “Free Games”

If we wish to check Sony’s official steps on how to download PlayStation Store calm to your PS4, check below.

Where will we find my purchases?

Your many recently downloaded calm is combined to Content Launcher on your primary PlayStation 4 system. You can usually activate one PlayStation 4 as your primary PlayStation 4. Please see some-more information about activation boundary here.

If your squeeze is not manifest on Content Launcher, we will find it in your [Library]. Your Library is organised with all calm grouped together, so if we have downloaded additional calm for a game, usually go to a categorical pretension to find it.

To download diversion calm remotely from PlayStation Store regulating web browser:

You can remotely start a download from a ‘Your New Content’ territory of a Purchase Confirmation shade or a PlayStation Store ‘Download List’ supposing we have switched on Automatic Update on your PlayStation 4.

You can check what calm is now remotely downloading or has finished downloading by selecting your Online ID during a tip of a shade and going to ‘Download Queue’.

  1. On a ‘Thank You’ page or your Download List on PlayStation Store, name ‘Download to your PlayStation 4’ subsequent to a pretension we wish to download.
  2. If Play as we Download is accessible for a pretension we have purchased, name that territory of a diversion we wish to download first.
  3. If we have set adult involuntary download, a calm will start downloading automatically. If involuntary refurbish is not switched on it will start downloading when we subsequent switch on a system.
  4. On your PlayStation 4 go to Content Launcher to find your many new downloads or if a calm is still downloading or does not seem on Content Launcher go to Library.

To start a download yourself on your PlayStation 4:

  1. Select your internal user comment and press down on a control pad to entrance a Content Area menu and go to Library.
  2. Select a diversion we wish to download (game add-ons are in a ‘folder’ with a categorical title) and press (X button). Play as You Download is accessible on comparison games. This means that we can select that partial of a diversion we wish to download initial and start personification before a download is complete.
  3. You will be taken to a calm screen. Select ‘Download’ and press (X button).

You can check a swell of your downloads on a PlayStation 4 itself by dire adult on a control pad to entrance a Function menu and going to [Notifications] [Downloads].

Of course, this PSLS Help Desk won’t be finish though tips from a staff, and we’ve got some that we unequivocally ought to take to heart.

Chandler: If we have a Plus subscription, we ought to during slightest redeem each diversion either we like them or even intend on personification them or not. You don’t have to download them, and withdrawal them unclaimed is withdrawal income on a table. Who knows? Maybe in a few months or even years you’ll change your balance and wish to play something that was offering for giveaway once. Might as good have it stashed for a stormy day.

Don’t forget about remote downloads from a app and web for any diversion purchases. If you’re during work and wish to make certain we can play something right when we get home, use a remote download functionality to start it while we are divided and have a diversion prepared to go a impulse we travel by a door. 

Zarmena: I typically explain all a games for all 3 platforms whenever we am subscribed to Plus. I’d rarely suggest during slightest giving them a try. You don’t know what will change your mind. It’s loyal that a PS4 is flattering most a usually console we spin on anymore though going by a web store enables me to download for all 3 platforms with a few elementary clicks. 

I’ve mostly found that infrequently I’m incompetent to supplement a Plus diversion to my library if I’m on a height that doesn’t support a pretension (say, if I’m on PS4 and a diversion is for PS Vita usually and not cross-buy). Not certain if this is how it’s meant to be given we don’t use Plus unequivocally mostly though it’s happened a few times. So, really, you’re usually avoiding additional stairs by simply going to a web store.

Another thing we can do…get a PS app for your phone. That thing saves a day and saves we from branch on a mechanism as good :)

And there we have it! We wish we find this small tip useful for those wondering how to download PS Plus games on PC or around a PlayStation app. 

What do we wish to see in a subsequent Help Desk? Let us know around a comments or email us!

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