Remember that time Google pronounced it was abandoning sign-in with Google+ accounts for Play Games and introducing a code new Gamer ID system with automatic sign-in and softened remoteness controls? Don’t worry if that’s not really uninformed in your memory, a proclamation was roughly dual months ago. Well, it’s finally time to make a switch for real. The latest Play Games refurbish switches users to a new complement (for those that weren’t already on it) and entirely enables a comment customization features.

2016-04-13 05.33.002016-04-13 05.33.402016-04-13 05.29.08

A tiny series of users were switched over to a Gamer ID complement within a day or dual of a strange announcement, though a rollout to existent accounts stopped really abruptly. Rumors suggested there were bugs in a acclimatisation that might have resulted in some users losing their sign-in story with games they had formerly played. Since that time, usually new accounts have been means to join a new system, duration many existent accounts have been hold behind with profiles stranded in private mode.

2016-04-13 05.30.47-12016-04-13 11.29.33

Play Games v3.7 enables a setup procession to emanate a Gamer ID, that simply requires users to collect an comment name and an optionally an avatar. The setup shade is shown possibly from attempting to switch an comment from private to public, or by going to your comment page (by drumming on your photo) and afterwards drumming a new revise symbol that appears in a upper-right corner.

In further to picking a name and avatar, you’ll also have a choice to make your form discoverable by name and email, and to make your activity publicly visible. All of these details, including your alias, can be mutated after by attack a coop idol on your form shade (shown above).

2016-04-13 05.27.572016-04-13 05.29.08

Left: prior version. Right: new version.

The Settings shade also includes another critical choice to capacitate automatic sign-in for Play Games. This will concede games to pointer into your Gamer ID though call for sign-in or seeking for permissions it doesn’t need. Since Gamer ID is no longer directly associated to your Google+ profile, it still has to ask for permissions to entrance anything associated to amicable networking.

2016-04-13 05.40.282016-04-13 05.40.38

Left: prior version. Right: new version.

That’s about it for a critical changes, though it’s value indicating out that there are a integrate dozen tiny changes to calm via a app. For example, a “Inbox” in a navigation drawer has been renamed to “Notifications.” If you’ve created out instructions for people in a past, we might have to refurbish them to simulate a changes.


Left: prior version. Right: new version.

Finally, this chronicle also brings a newly redesigned icon for Google Play Games. Both aged and new can be seen above. This creates Play Games a third to be updated after Newsstand and Play Movies. (There was also a Play Store update with a new icon, though a bend has given switched behind to a comparison icon.) ¯_(ツ)_/¯


The APK is sealed by Google and upgrades your existent app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that a record is protected to implement and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to pull this download to your devices, that can take days, download and implement it only like any other APK.

Version: 3.7.20

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