Let’s be honest, a Philips Hue app has a terrible design. But this is only a bad memory now as a association has expelled a new vital version of a iOS and Android app. The app is now some-more discriminating and comes with a garland of additional features.

Let’s start with a design. I’ve been regulating Huemote on my iPhone to control my lights. It’s clean, candid and comes with a nifty Today View widget.

The central Philips Hue app categorical shade now looks a lot like Huemote, and it’s a good thing. You can spin on and off lights in only one tap, control a power and simply trigger scenes.

The app finally looks like a complicated iOS app and not something that was ported from a pre-iOS 7 days. The interface is fit and true to a point. Gone is a hamburger button, ubiquitous imbecility and involved menu structure.

When it comes to features, a large new underline is room support. Now, we can emanate groups of lights so that we can control all a lights in one room some-more easily. These bedrooms will also work with Siri if we have a HomeKit-compatible Hue bridge.

For any room, we can name a stage or emanate a tradition stage so that we can change your lights in one tap. You can also spin on and off particular lights and change a tone regulating a new tone picker.

Philips has also done it easier to emanate routines. For instance, we can really simply emanate an alarm time slight that will gradually spin on a lights in your bedroom from Monday to Friday. Or we can emanate a slight that will solemnly low a lights during night before going to sleep. And, like before, we can emanate a geofencing order to spin off a lights when we leave your unit and spin on a lights when we arrive and it’s night time.

Now there are still some flaws with a apps. You can’t duplicate scenes from one room to another — even formulating stage isn’t intuitive. The widget isn’t as absolute as Huemote’s widget. we gifted a few crashes as good though let’s wish Philips is going to repair them soon.

But this is still a good update. Arguably, Philips Hue’s whole indicate is that there’s a whole ecosystem of apps and services that can take advantage of your installation. Some apps are really absolute and let we book scenarios. Others, like a central app, are a good introduction. But zero is interlude we from perplexing out new apps and see what works for you.

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