Also, Epic Dumpster Bear

Are we prepared for another underwhelming week? C’mon, we know you’re used to it.

The Wii U is rather low pivotal this week, with Game Watch Gallery 4, Emojikara, Epic Dumpster Bear, and Super Robo Mouse. Nintendo attempted to pad a proclamation observant that we can pre-order Star Fox Zero to get $5 towards Star Fox Guard. Or we can only buy it physically and get both forever.

The 3DS is somehow even some-more empty with Doll Fashion Atelier. Yes, it is associated to that Atelier series! There’s also set of Disney oriented Frozen, Mickey Friends, Stitch Company, and Little Mermaid 3DS themes available.

If we missed final week’s edition, here it is. As for what I’m removing — nothing! Though we do have 1400 Platinum Coins in a My Nintendo system. For those who are interested, sales are going on for both a Wii U and 3DS.

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