I know Nintendo is identical to Apple in a approach that they wish to emanate and control their hardware/consoles and software. But suppose if they partnered with Apple, contend with something like a Apple TV? Let Apple build a hardware and support a app ecosystem, and let Nintendo build a controller and rise their initial celebration games.

You’d have a outrageous implement bottom for Nintendo to strike with their games (where we suppose they beget many of their revenue) and it would make Apple a genuine vast actor in a gaming market. Would be such a vast win for both sides. Can usually hope.

Please make some good games for Apple TV! :)

Nintendo should be means to do that!

Please make some good diversion for Apple TV! :)

Nintendo should be means to do that!

Even Nintendo’s controller designs have never been as bad as a Siri Remote…”MARIO!, MARIO!, MARIO!, MARIO!, MARIO!”

But why? Nintendo already make a handheld and a home console. If we suffer their games – buy them and their consoles. A new iPhone alone costs some-more than a Wii U, a 3DS, and all a vital games for any one combined. They’ve never been meddlesome in adding media personification abilities to their systems (no Nintendo-made complement has shipped with a DVD actor for example) so what could Apple yield for Nintendo? Their systems sell good worldwide… solely for a Wii U of course.

Look during it this way. Nintendo announced that as of Dec 31st a dual newest Pokemon games sole 25.92 million units worldwide, full price/non-mobile pricing, on a complement they also sell and make a distinction on.
Don’t worry about it


Nobody should shimmer over mobile gaming. It’s flattering apocalyptic compared to genuine systems, though it’s inexpensive and convenient. Every vital studio creates tiny mobile games alongside their gigantic, “real” games.

Those who caring for quality, as we suppose all Apple users do, should dismay a news. If/when Nintendo has to pier their titles over to iOS, who do they optimize a sold diversion for? iPhone 5? iPad Air? Controller support? Likely they’ll optimize for a lowest common dominator, and that would be touchscreen control, a ultimate misfortune calamity personification a Nintendo title. Kill me before creation me play Mario or Donkey Kong on a touchscreen! Just suppose if Apple ceased creation Macs and protected Mac OS. Just suppose using OS X on a standard terrible Windows trackpad, usually worse.I have been observant for years that Apple and Nintendo need to merge. They are dual of a usually vast companies in a universe with a same motto. Could we imaging a Nintendo with a scrupulously built GUI and an Apple TV within it? A Nintendo with related Gamecenter (which isn’t extraordinary though improved afterwards Nintendo’s offerings)? A Nintendo that we could start a diversion on afterwards finish a diversion on your iPad. (Assuming it’s only an arcade character game, I’d contend vast titles could not do this.) The dual companies together would dominate.

I do buy their consoles, still have each one bending adult and play with my son utterly often. But their new efforts feel like bad quality, and compared to an Apple TV it’s comparatively expensive. Also, Nintendo does a terrible pursuit during a ecosystem / online things and apps. Even a Wii U’s UI and OS feel flattering terrible. I’d suppose a partnership of some arrange where Apple would give Nintendo some inflection in a tvOS app store, or a dedicated territory of some sort.

I theory to answer ‘why’ would be cheaper and easier entrance to Nintendo games for customers, a broader assembly for Nintendo to strech with their games, and an additional reason to squeeze an Apple TV (for Apple).

You are right Nintendo’s GUI’s ****ING SUUUUUks! we have a Wii U, arg… male navigating that damn GUI is brutal! How do kids figure it out? Let alone their dumb parents? Let’s not get started on Nintendo’s SHIIIIIITIEST online gaming network…. loiter loiter loiter loiter lag… or zero offered… lame. Apple would repair that…

Daddy what’s Nintendo? ;)

Was it Daddy? or “Big Daddy”?Apple should buy this Company and you’ve got a new Cashcow!

You competence consider Apple sucks during interfaces though they’re a strike in Japan, a 3DS has a freemium form alteration apparatus “Badge Arcade” that is used to get graphics to dump onto a menu. It’s simple, brings in a lot of money, and has an addictive peculiarity to it. You competence not like it, it competence not be Apple-like though it works good for Nintendo and a people who buy their systems. And even so – it’s a menu. Folk buy games consoles to play games or devour media on them. Using a minimalist interface (come to consider of it – how most did Apple duplicate a Nintendo Wii’s “channel” interface) isn’t a vast seller.

Which new efforts seem poor, hardware or software?

I’m a flattering vast Nintendo fan, have always enjoyed their consoles and initial celebration titles. But we find a hardware, UI and app placement utterly poor. Maybe it’s from being marred by high peculiarity hardware from apple, though a low fortitude resistive hold screens on my 3DS and Wii U Gamepad feel terrible to use.

The UI seems so disorderly on a consoles. Honestly I’d adore to see a unequivocally elementary and purify looking thing like a Apple TV, with carrying a list of games and only selecting something to play.

Software/distribution: Purchasing apps digitally (games really) is an positively terrible experience. I’ve had some we purchased online and had to redeem on a console. we can’t trust what kind of routine it is, entering IDs, passwords, singular codes from a purchase, etc. All of it for a squeeze to be afterwards tied/connected to a singular square of hardware and not my Nintendo ID. We have a Wii and a Wii U in a house. have we ever seen a routine to send digital games from one console to a other? we can’t suppose what it would be like if a Wii stopped operative and we had no approach to get games off. This is where it feels Apple unequivocally excels – squeeze a square of media, app, game, whatever, it’s afterwards tied to your comment and we can entrance it anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, we adore Nintendo, we only feel like Apple could surpass during building a ecosystem and platform, and let Nintendo do what it does best, initial celebration titles (and some glorious bluetooth diversion controllers).

sounds kinda tedious to be honestWatch it be Morshu from a not-well-known Zelda diversion Link: The Faces of Evil.

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