Here’s all we need to know about a subsequent Apple TV, including Apple TV recover date rumours, underline rumours and UK cost rumours. Plus: a Apple TV’s new, revamped interface, formed on a mutated chronicle of iOS 9.

When will a Apple TV be updated? Is it value shopping an Apple TV now, or will a new Apple TV come out in 2015? And given is Apple holding so prolonged to refurbish a Apple TV?

We’ve been watchful given Jan 2013 for Apple to refurbish its Apple TV, some would contend 2012 (which is when it final had a poignant update), so it’s no warn that there are so many rumours surrounding a new chronicle of a Apple’s set-top box. We’ve got recover date rumours and conjecture about new facilities that a device needs if it is to contest with the alternatives to Apple TV, especially here in the UK. We’ll refurbish this story as some-more Apple TV information becomes available, so be certain to check behind from time to time.

It looks like Apple will announce a new Apple TV during a iPhone eventuality on 9 September. It competence usually be in a scrape of time: Apple needs to revamp a Apple TV soon. According to a report, a device has slid in recognition and is now a fourth many renouned set tip box. Parks Associates estimates advise that in a US final year a Apple TV was reduction renouned than Amazon’s Fire TV, with streaming-TV box builder Roku and a Google box forward of them. 

Latest: Apple TV proclamation will lead on gaming

A New York Times report claims that gaining will be a pivotal offered indicate of a Apple TV.
NYT sources advise that “Apple is approaching to make games a primary offered indicate of a new Apple TV product.”

Many of a components compulsory for gaming will come with a device, according to a NYT sources – including some-more energy for softened graphics. There will also be a new remote that could double as a controller and an app store to buy and download games.

Regardless of Apple’s success with games on iOS, a large games console makers aren’t concerned. The graphics in a new Apple TV will be no compare for these devices. However a Apple TV competence be renouned with infrequent gamers.

However, Apple could make a lot of income from entering this market. Total income from console games is approaching to be some-more than $27 billion this year, according to a NYT report. 

Latest: Modified chronicle of iOS 9 interface grown for Apple TV

It’s widely rumoured that a Apple TV will get a revamped interface when it’s updated this autumn: one that’s some-more like a iOS height that runs on iPhone and iPad than a tradition Apple TV interface a device runs currently.

According to 9to5Mac, a Apple TV will run a chronicle of iOS 9 that’s been mutated and optimised for TV. It will also be significantly brighter than a aged interface, a site predicts:

New Apple TV interface

Along with a iOS-like interface will come a dedicated App Store for a Apple TV – so we will be means to run iPhone-like apps on a device – and that also suggests that third-party games could start nearing on Apple TV. Which leads us to a subsequent rumour…

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Latest: New iOS-style interface for Apple TV – judgment images

An artist has come adult with a judgment interface for a new Apple TV, formed on iOS 9.

Andrew Ambrosini has illusory what a interface competence demeanour like if a rumours are scold and Apple does furnish a chronicle of iOS 9 for a Apple TV.

Features that we competence benefit on a Apple TV should a rumours about it regulating iOS be true, we can pattern to see iOS like menus of apps, Siri integration, and even a picture-in-picture video functionality that is entrance to a iPad in iOS 9.

Ambrosini envisages an iPad like blueprint of app icons and even a close screen, usually like a one we have on your iPhone.

Ambrosini’s designs incorporate Martin Hajek’s new hardware concepts as well.

Latest: New Apple TV will support third-party wireless Bluetooth games controllers

While lots of courtesy has focused on a redesigned Apple TV remote that we’re awaiting this autumn, 9to5Mac’s news suggests that a new Apple TV could also support wireless Bluetooth games controllers finished by other companies.

It’s approaching that controllers with console-standard facilities – joysticks, pressure-sensitive buttons and so on – will be upheld by a Apple TV’s software.

The news contradicts progressing rumours, however, by insisting that Apple TV controllers won’t embody sophisticated, Wii-esque motion-tracking features. (They competence support elementary suit control of a tilt-to-steer variety, though.)

The bundled remote is approaching to underline a touchpad, incidentally, and would presumably make a workable controller for easier games. But correct dedicated controllers by third parties, as on a iPhone and iPad, opens adult incomparable intensity in a gaming sphere.

Latest: New Apple TV to underline ‘Made for Apple TV’ shows

Opinions are churned on possibly Apple will betray a TV-streaming use alongside a new Apple TV device: a messenger use to Apple Music for that dual judicious code names – Apple TV and Apple Watch – have already been taken by existent hardware products. (We consider Apple Play would work utterly well, or Apple Video.)

What is some-more generally concluded on is that some kind of streaming use is in a pipeline, possibly we’ll see it in Sep or in a following months.

Most intriguing of all? Apple is accepted to be operative on (or commissioning) its possess TV projects, most as Netflix has done. Sources now news that a association was one of a bidders when Clarkson, May and Hammond pitched their follow-up/rival to Top Gear (a programme that was picked adult by Amazon Prime in a end), though given stop there? We wish Apple buys adult a rights to a new tech-focused array of How It’s Made, and gets Jony Ive to do a voiceovers.

Latest: New Apple TV will be ‘twice as costly as tide Apple TV’

With all these appealing new rumours, one reduction appreciative dash has started doing a rounds: a new Apple TV’s price. It’s approaching to cost from $149 to $200 in a US, that is twice a tide price, so pattern a identical burst in cost in a UK (where it now costs £59).

It’s loyal that £118 isn’t a outrageous volume of income for what would be a hugely stretched device, with gaming, intelligent home control and a exclusive streaming use among a approaching new areas that a Apple TV will cover; though Apple tends to drive transparent of cost rises on existent product lines. Maybe now would be a time to rebrand a Apple TV to simulate a incomparable range – we’d opinion for Apple Home.

In a rest of this essay we inspect all a rumours that have built adult over a weeks and days given Apple final updated a Apple TV…

Page 1: 2015 Apple TV launch date

Page 2: New Apple TV pattern and spec

Page 3: New Apple TV calm and movie/TV streaming service

Page 4: Apple TV software, App Store and games

Page 5: Apple TV remote control, Siri and suit control rumours

Page 6: How Steve Jobs wanted to launch a television…

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New Apple TV 2015 recover date: Apple TV rising in September

The new Apple TV will launch in September, maybe alongside a new iPhone.

Sources “familiar with Apple’s plans” have apparently told BuzzFeed News that we can pattern Apple to announce a new Apple TV in Sep during a normal iPhone event.

According to a Buzzfeed report, we can “Expect a rested and slimmer horizon and new innards; Apple’s A8 complement on chip; a new remote that sources contend has been “drastically improved” by a touch-pad input; an boost in on-board storage; and an softened handling complement that will support Siri voice control. Crucially, a new Apple TV will entrance alongside a long-awaited App Store and a program growth pack developers need to stock it.”

New Apple TV coming, though subscription streaming use delayed

It looks like a new Apple TV will launch during a iPhone eventuality in September, though a rumoured TV subscription use is no where circuitously being prepared yet.

The reason for a delay? Apparently talks with CBS, Fox, and NBC have stalled, according to Bloomberg.

As a outcome Apple’s not approaching to launch a new use until 2016.

And when it does, don’t pattern a association to have reliable deals in place with UK suppliers, it would seem that now all a efforts are going into creation agreements with US TV networks.

As good as being catastrophic in entrance to agreements with a partners, Apple has also unsuccessful to boost network ability adequate to safeguard a “glitch-free observation experience” for customers, according to a report. Bloomberg explains that a programs would need to be stored locally to a patron – that streaming a uncover from California to New York would not be appropriate. Apple now has 4 information centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon. Perhaps associated to this, Apple is pronounced to be in talks with during slightest one user of tiny “micro-data centers”, writes Bloomberg.

Read some-more about a Apple TV streaming use here.

Some Apple TV set tip boxes removed – new indication entrance soon?

Apple is recalling a tiny series of Apple TV units due to an vague inadequate part, according to a MacRumors report.

The association is pronounced to be contacting owners of a inadequate units individually, rather than posting a webpage with information.

The boxes are being transposed with existent units, so it would seem that owners of a inadequate units will not validate for a new territory when it goes on sale.

New Apple TV launch date: WWDC launch rumours

The launch of a new Apple TV has been rumoured for some time. When Apple suggested a second entertain financial report, and during a gain call CEO Tim Cook pronounced a few things that assured many that Apple was going to recover a new Apple TV soon, and all eyes were on WWDC for a launch on 8 Jun – though a Apple TV didn’t launch then. It is suspicion that a launch was deferred given Apple is seeking to do deals with wire companies in sequence to yield a subscription internet-TV.

However, according to a report, Apple’s Netflix opposition won’t be prepared for launch in September. Instead, a Buzzfeed sources consider that that will arrive: “Late this year - maybe, though some-more approaching subsequent year.”

Speaking to analysts about a Apple TV before to WWDC, Cook said: “I consider we’re on a early stages of usually major, vital changes in media that are going to be unequivocally good for consumers and we consider Apple can be partial of that.”

Just days after on 30 April, Apple TV shipping estimates slipped to 1-2 weeks in a US, that is mostly a pointer that a product is about to bear a refresh. In a UK during time of essay (1 May), Apple TV shipping times still contend 1-2 business days, though we’ll be gripping an eye on a dispatch estimates and will refurbish we if anything changes.

The biggest indicator that a Apple TV would arrive during WWDC was a entice to this year’s WWDC – that had a spin cornered block during a ‘epicentre’ of a pattern that looks usually like an Apple TV.

The difference ‘The epicentre of change’ set inside a Apple TV made box also hinted that a Apple TV would be gaining a new significance in Apple’s line up. Just given a Apple TV didn’t launch during WWDC doesn’t meant this is not a case, as we will see if we review on, there are a series of rumours that a Apple TV is set to spin a centre of Apple’s HomeKit set up.

The Jun recover date had been approaching for some time. In Mar reports suggested that Apple would be phenomenon a new Apple TV during WWDC in June, and along with news about a rumoured streaming use for TV shows, it is suspicion that a new iTunes song streaming use competence arrive as a outcome of Apple’s Beats partnership in 2014.

A news in March, from BuzzFeed, authored by an ex Re/Code journalist, suggested that we’d get a initial glance during a new Apple TV during WWDC 2015. 

That website claims that “sources informed with a company’s plans” have pronounced that a new Apple TV is entrance during WWDC with a program pack for developers to concede them to emanate new apps privately designed for a set-top box.

That same news claims that a Apple TV will have an A8 chip powering it, with most some-more storage than a 8GB in a tide Apple TV model. Siri will also be included, and will work closely with Homekit to act as a heart for home automation. These are all rumours that have been floating around for a while now though seem to have stuck, that story suggests means they’re substantially accurate. You can find out some-more about a hardware, specs and facilities rumours after in this article.

There have been many rumours that an updated Apple TV set-top box will seem this year, though not everybody approaching to see it as shortly as WWDC. Piper Jaffrey researcher Gene Munster believes it will be partial of a company’s autumn 2015 product lineup.

In February, Munster said: “We trust that a calm use could be interconnected with an updated Apple TV box in a tumble eventuality alongside a new iPhone or iPad. We trust that an updated Apple TV and/or calm charity could be one of a core new offerings from Apple in 2015, given a faith that a phone is approaching to be an ‘S’ ascent cycle, and there appears to be tiny new on a iPad side other than a potentially incomparable screen.”

It is suspicion that a reason Apple didn’t launch a Apple TV during WWDC was that it wanted to make a wider proclamation about a TV streaming understanding and a Apple TV app Store, though a deals weren’t all in place so a association motionless to bide a time.

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How iOS 9 hints during new Apple TV features

When Apple denounced it’s skeleton for iOS 9 during WWDC in June, there were a few hints during new facilities that we competence see in a Apple TV, we inspect them below. 

For example, iOS 9 hints during a resolution for anticipating a calm on your Apple TV that we wish to watch – in-app search. Currently if we wish to watch a programme on your Apple TV though don’t know possibly it’s on iTunes or Netflix, or even Sky Now, we have to demeanour inside a app to hunt for it. In iOS 9  a new Spotlight API will concede developers to give users entrance to a app information in system-wide search. If this rolls out to a Apple TV we could hunt for a uncover we wish to watch and see that Apple TV channel will offer it, suggests Josh Centers over on

Centers also suggests that Siri suggestions in iOS 9 competence spirit during some-more Apple TV associated goodies. In iOS 9 we can appropriate to see suggestions formed on your habits, be they recently used apps, circuitously places, or news items. On a Apple TV this could be shows we have been watching, new TV shows we competence like.

The new pattern in pattern underline entrance to a iPad is another one that Centre’s thinks could make it to a Apple TV. On a iPad we can minimize a personification video, so that it continues to play in a tiny window while we demeanour during something else, on a Apple TV this could concede we do watch a video while doing something else.

In additon to this, we already know that in Apple’s HomeKit support support a association outlines how a Apple TV will be used as a gateway device. The request reads: “If we have an Apple TV (3rd era or later) with program chronicle 7.0 or later, we can control your HomeKit-enabled accessories when you’re divided from home regulating your iOS device. Sign into iCloud with a same Apple ID on your iOS device and Apple TV, and you’ll be means to use Siri commands to remotely control your accessories. If your remote entrance isn’t working, pointer out of iCloud on your Apple TV, afterwards pointer behind in.”

Plus AirPlay support in Safari in El Capitan will embody a ability to tide web video to your TV, that will open adult many some-more options for examination TV around your Apple TV.

Massive 4th Gen Apple TV idea speckled on Apple’s website

Apple has published a new support document about HomeKit, a new intelligent home height for internet connected devices, and in that request is a large spirit that a new Apple TV is about to launch.

In a territory of a request patrician “Control your accessories divided from home,” Apple has written: “If we have an Apple TV (3rd era or later) with program chronicle 7.0 or later, we can control your HomeKit-enabled accessories when you’re divided from home regulating your iOS device.”

For a sagacious among you, you’ll notice that a “3rd era or later” criticism is quite intriguing given there is no “later” yet. We are watchful for a fourth era to launch, and it looks like WWDC on 8 Jun is going to be a day.

However, there is one probability that could meant Apple hasn’t reliable a subsequent Apple TV after all, and that’s given Apple could be referring to a 3rd Gen Rev A chronicle of a Apple TV, that was a teenager refurbish to a third era that launched in Jan 2013.

And after a fad about a idea in Apple’s support document, a new news from a New York Times says a new Apple TV was designed for launch during WWDC 2015 though has in fact been deferred given “the product was not prepared to be demonstrated.”

Apple TV price: how most will a new Apple TV cost?

At the Apple Watch launch event in Mar Apple cut a Apple TV’s price, from $99 in a US to $69, and from £79 to £59 in a UK. It also announced that a HBO Now service will be accessible on Apple TV - though that’s usually in a US.

We don’t know how most a new Apple TV will cost, though we pattern that a new territory will have a aloft cost than a comparison territory now on sale. Therefore, when a new Apple TV launches we consider a cost competence indeed arise behind to £79 in a UK. Although there is so most foe that maybe Apple will keep it during £59.

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How most income can Apple make from TV?

A TV use competence beget $2 billion to $3 billion in income by 2018, pronounced FBR Capital Markets researcher Daniel Ives, writes Bloomberg.

Why hasn’t Apple updated a Apple TV hardware for so long?

The final time Apple significantly updated a Apple TV hardware was 3 years ago in 2012. Since afterwards dozens of set tip boxes have entered a marketplace withdrawal Apple behind in new years. Why a prolonged wait for an update?

Not usually has it been ages given Apple final updated a Apple TV, there have been copiousness of reports and rumours over a final years suggesting that a new Apple TV is in a works – even Steve Jobs spoke about TV to his biographer before he died, heading many to interpretation that a new Apple TV would be rising soon. Years on and no new Apple TV has emerged.

There has been some justification that a new Apple TV was in a works during Apple. For example, behind in Feb 2014, references to what was suspicion to be a fourth-generation Apple TV were speckled within iOS 7 pattern files, adding justification to a rumours that suggested a new Apple TV is on a way. The references were spotted within an Apple TV horizon that relates to a AirPlay functionality of a device. The horizon mentions an “AppleTV4,1″ that appears to be a subsequent era device that follows a tide Apple TV, called “AppleTV3,2″ within a framework.

It positively seemed that something was holding things up. Then behind in Jul 2014 a news came in from The Information (subscription required) that suggested a launch of a Apple TV (which we’d believed was approaching before to WWDC of that year in a prior month) had been behind due to negotiations with a wire companies. The reason for a delay: problems negotiating with a wire companies in a US, including Comcast. According to The Information, TV courtesy executives have pronounced that “Apple has bit off some-more than it could chew” in terms of a skeleton for a Apple TV.

Incidentally, a probable reason for a Apple TV check competence have been a fact that Comcast were to be acquired by Time Warner Cable, with a merger, finally authorized on 8 Oct 2014. The gossip that Apple is in negotiations with Comcast/Time Warner has been encircling for some time. You can review some-more about that understanding below, as good as new news that Comcast is claiming that it was never approached by Apple after all.

[We have a latest rumours about a Apple iCar here, and review why we don't consider Apple will make an iCar]

It competence not be a wire companies that are holding things up, it competence usually be that Apple has been watchful for a right moment. Senior researcher and owner of Opus Research Dan Miller thinks Apple has been biding a time, watchful for a purpose of a TV in a home to be defined, before it updates a Apple TV hardware. He told Benzinga: “The whole conflict for rights and a purpose of a TV and a connected home and that arrange of thing is still being defined.  What goes on in a home is going to be content-driven. There’s no need to ascent a hardware during this indicate unless things arrange out.”

Others usually consider that a Apple TV isn’t a large adequate understanding to Apple. Analyst, Jeff Kagan, told Benzinga: “We’ve been articulate about Apple TV for years. We suspicion it would have taken over a landscape for years. But it didn’t.  It’s mislaid my attention. we don’t unequivocally compensate courtesy to it anymore. we don’t consider a patron does either. It’s not a standard Apple success story.”

The check competence also be given Apple has been means to strech an agreement with a networks and broadcasters that all parties are confident with. More on this here: Apple’s skeleton for a streaming use and a delays due to Comcast.

Has Apple left it too late to refurbish a Apple TV?

Apple competence proudly be stating that it has sole 20 million Apple TVs, though it has mislaid marketplace share to a rivals, many of that offer softened services to customers, quite those in a UK. At slightest in a US, where Apple offers a good preference of channels, Apple has 17% of a market, in third place behind Roku (29%) and Chromecast (20%). But here in a UK, Apple competence have been left behind by those options that embody UK on direct radio channels.

Apple also talks about how TV is stranded in a seventies. TV is stranded there, still tied to a schedules, though people aren’t. People don’t watch live TV, they watch TV around streaming services such as Netflix, or they balance into a OnDemand channels to locate adult on TV shows they have missed.

People are already selecting to watch what they wish when they want. The problem is that a Apple TV isn’t giving them that. Sure there is a resources of calm on Netflix, though for a new TV shows, being promote now, we have to spin to a OnDemand offerings of those channels. And, during slightest in a UK, these are absent (with a difference of iPlayer, that is available, though usually if we tide from your iPhone or iPad – that’s a workaround, not a solution).

The Apple TV has singular interest in a UK given Netflix is accessible on other devices, and Apple’s possess iTunes calm is over priced. The association needs to pierce to a subscription indication if a iTunes calm is to have any interest (read on for justification that this competence be happening).

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