Kate has been during a spark face given a spin of a century.

After completing a Certificate IV in Applied Arts (3D Animation) during AIE/CIT Canberra, Kate begun operative as a Junior Animator for Brilliant Interactive Ideas. The sundry purpose saw her operative opposite impression animation for interactive web series’, Web Icon creation, and work with Motion Capture.

After a association sealed down, Kate returned to study, and in 2002 she finished a Certificate IV Advanced 3D Computer Modelling and Animation during AIE Canberra.

Throughout 2002 and 2003 Kate worked as a executive for Ambience Entertainment in Sydney. Here she charcterised impression scenes in a song video shave for a ‘Boom Boom Satellites’.

In 2003 Kate changed south, fasten Atari Melbourne House as a Senior Animator. She primarily worked opposite in-game and cut stage animations, though also ranged from paraphernalia by to indication refinement, as good as posing and digest high peculiarity impression stills for broadside shots. It was during this time that Kate published a monthly editorial mainstay patrician “Geekette” that focused on a courtesy and surrounding issues.

In 2006 she changed opposite to a THQ studio, Bluetongue Entertainment as a Senior Principle Animator and Animation Outsource Manager. As a Principal Animator she continued producing in-game and cut stage animations, as a Animation Outsource manager Kate confirmed schedules for her teams (in residence and overseas), supervised progress, supposing feedback and ensured that a animations entrance behind adhered to a peculiarity and impression of a product. During this time a studio published a fibre of titles including: Marvel Superhero Squad, El Tigre, Nicktoons: Battle For Volcano Island, Nicktoons: Attack of a Toybots, Barnyard, and a De Blob franchise.

In 2009 Kate was diagnosed with cancer, and recalls, “Bluetongue went above and over with their support by my operations, deviation and illness. In a finish my health forced me to cut down to partial time work and so we transitioned to training and freelance animation.”

In 2010 Kate changed on to harangue Advanced Diploma of Games Development (Art) Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Here she combined and delivered a extended operation of courtesy applicable tutorials that support to a career in Games Development including: Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation, Lighting, Cinematography and in-game Level Creation. we also designed and ran holiday workshops.

In Jun 2012 she changed to ACMI Melbourne, apportionment as a Hothouse Workshop Mentor, providing instruction and art instruction via a origination of mobile phone games, including 2D animation techniques, colour theory, item origination and management, scope, group energetic and diversion design.

During this time Kate also worked as an Animation Contractor for Robot Circus, overseeing and implementing a origination and paraphernalia of all impression models. Created pivotal poses for animation and sculpted morph targets to beget romantic operation of a characters within a Living Book – a new form of elaborating storybook.

Her work with ACMI has continued until today, as Kate works as a Project Advisor and Sessional Lecturer, conceptualizing and delivering a students a array of lectures, tutorials and exercises that embody Professional Portfolio Development, Games Design Studio, Scrum Development, and Animation.

In 2014 and this year, she designed and delivered 6 week Animation Summer Courses during RMIT. The march is an complete seminar formed around entirely bargain a 12 Principles of Animation and how they request to diversion characters.

Kate’s growth concentration as now shifted to her possess nonetheless to be expelled preparation formed game/app for kids.

Outside of a above Kate has dedicated alot of her time to confernce appearance and row discussions around a emanate of being a lady within a games industry. Over a years she has been concerned with;

  • AGDC, Volunteer 1999
  • AGDC, Graduate Representative 2003
  • GDAA, Panellist (Women in Games) 2003
  • AGDC, Panellist (Women in Games) 2004
  • Freeplay, Panellist (What it’s like to work in Games) 2004
  • IE, Conference Management Committee 2007
  • Atomic Live, Keynote Speaker (How Women Play Games) 2007
  • Freeplay, Judge and Panellist (What Game Development Means to Me) 2012
  • ACMI Generator, Panellist (Girls in Games) 2012
  • Freeplay, Judge 2015

In further to this, Kate has also been active as an eventuality organiser. In 2007 she organized and ran a successful courtesy sponsored games night designed to investigate and request a purpose women play in a games industry, how women like to play in comparison to men, and female’s effect as gamers and consumers. The formula of this were published as a special 3 page underline in Atomic MPC Magazine, and presented during a Atomic Live discussion in Sydney.

Kate also dedicates a large apportionment of her time to mentoring. She presents during countless schools around Melbourne to plead a merits of operative in a Games Industry with a purpose of enlivening some-more girls to cruise games growth as a partial of Women in Games Pathway. She is also actively concerned in a Smith Family Mentor Program, providing ongoing one on one mentorship to impecunious girls training to turn diversion developers for a generation of their grant and beyond. Through a RMIT Graduates program, Kate also supposing ongoing mentorship to students who are now studying, recently graduated and requesting for jobs in a games industry, or negotiating contracts as they span a courtesy as a developer in countless roles opposite Australia and Overseas. Since 2015 Kate has also been a partial of a ACMI GamesNet Mentorship Program.

Kate’s efforts and career has drawn a courtesy of a media over a years, being featured in several media including The Canberra Times, Creative Australia Magazine, Desktop Magazine, and Atomic MPC Magazine. Kate has also represented a several companies she has worked during to plead and denote their projects and/or routine on JJJ Radio, Nickelodeon’s Sarvo, Sunrise Morning Show and BTN.

Kate tells us, “When we initial entered diversion growth it was a waste space for a woman. we was possibly a usually lady or one of only a integrate of women, and now we demeanour around in astonishment during a resources and extent of unusual womanlike talent within a courtesy we adore so much. A sisterhood of pioneers, challengers, and innovators, who mentor, inspire, support and teach a existent courtesy along with a future.”

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