LEGO Dimensions is a stately mashup of party properties, from cartoons to comic books to movies. The final free-roaming Adventure World for a diversion is an equally stately mashup of classical arcade games.

This past Tuesday saw a recover of a next-to-last call of LEGO Dimensions toys. We got Fun Packs (one character, one accessory) for a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Superman and Aquaman. Stay-Puft comes with a hellhound that’s substantially a many fun I’ve had building an appendage for a game, while Superman and Aquaman are packaged with a drifting car and a submarine respectively, that seems like a integrate of uncanny choices.

LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

Neat figures, though a recover of a Midway Arcade Level Pack (one character, dual accessories and a diversion level) is a genuine milestone. It’s a final scheduled playable turn for a game, and it unlocks a final free-roaming Adventure World in a game’s AW hub.


LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

As we can see in a video above, a Adventure World is a resplendent relic to classical arcade games. There’s an explorable Gauntlet Maze, a 720 movement park, a Joust Cave, Robotron playfield and so most more. There are also 22 perfectly-emulated arcade classics to unlock, generally by regulating a Midway Arcade Level Pack’s Defender Arcade cupboard in a arcade docks sparse via a several in-game worlds.

LEGO Dimensions' Final Adventure World Is An Arcade Wonderland

So not usually does a Midway Arcade Level Pack give players uninformed calm to explore, it gives them new reasons to revisit comparison calm as well. It’s a rather extraordinary note to finish on.

There’s still another call of total entrance in May, including Ninjago’s Lloyd, Batman enemy Bane and Slimer from Ghostbusters, though those are afterthoughts. As of final week LEGO Dimensions’ initial large tour is during an end. we can’t wait to see how Warner Bros. follows up.

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