(Avalanche Studios)

Avalanche Studios has only expelled a supplement to open universe diversion authorization “Just Cause 3″ by their treating their players with some-more good news as a downloadable enlargement container is reliable to be expelled presumably anytime soon.

According to a game’s central Steam Community page, a deputy from a studio settled that a initial partial in a touted DLC dubbed as “Air, Land and Sea” for a action-adventure diversion is roughly complete.

“The initial container – ‘Sky Fortress’ that is a “Air” pack, is impending completion, and will move new missions, facilities and other sparkling surprises to a skies of Medici. We’re play contrast this calm right now so watch this space for some-more news on this really soon,” a post teased.

Aside from a arriving additional elements, weapons, and vehicles including “Explosive Weapons Pack” and “Weaponized Vehicle Pack,” that have been introduced in their pre-order programs, are also done accessible again for players who might have missed a event to get their hands on them. The aforementioned equipment can be bought directly from Steam, Xbox Live Store, and PlayStation Network.

Moreover, a developers are also pronounced to be operative on optimizations, bug fixes, opening enhancements, and improvements, in sequence to residence issues that might have been encountered by gamers. The patch is approaching to hurl out after this month.

To support to specific needs per segment when there have been crashes and tech issues, a developers common how to hit a Customer Support for Europe and North America and settled that, “When we do get in hold let us know a time and date of crash, dxdiag, etc., as good as a specs of your setups – a some-more info we can give us a better! Thanks for your continued support – we wish 2016 is a good year for everyone.”

“Just Cause 3″ is now rolling out opposite platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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