This app can idea we in to intensity confidence issues on your iPhone.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Worried that your iPhone might have been hacked? There’s an app for that.

System and Security Info, that debuted over a weekend in Apple’s App Store, provides a horde of sum about your iPhone. The app shows your CPU, memory and hoop use as good as a list of all using processes. On a confidence front, it can tell we if your device has been importantly if it’s been compromised or presumably putrescent by any malware.

Much of a information in a app is simple and easy to understand. A immature light subsequent to a specific object is good, as it means you’re in a clear. A red light means there could be a intensity confidence issue.

The app will also let we know if a device has been jailbroken, that is pivotal if you’ve bought a phone used or have lent it to someone. A jailbroken device is one that has been mutated to concede a designation of apps over those in a App Store. Jailbroken devices, though, are some-more receptive to malware since they bypass Apple’s heated inspection of apps.

Apple, Google and other program makers are constantly fighting to forestall malware-ridden apps from invading their particular app stores and devices. Apple’s iOS handling complement has generally been deliberate some-more secure than Google’s Android since Apple offers a tighter vetting routine to approve apps. But certain malware strains have putrescent Apple devices, even those that have not been jailbroken.

System and Security Info was grown by Stefan Esser, a German confidence researcher and iOS hacker who has in a past baked adult jailbreaks for several versions of iOS. With a new app, Esser pronounced he “wanted to yield a open with a low cost resolution that allows to find out if someone used one of a open jailbreak or a customized chronicle to penetrate and backdoor your device.” The app also determines if a programming formula in iOS has been digitally sealed by Apple itself to endorse that it not be altered by an outward party.

My iPhone perceived a purify check of health, according to a app, definition no jailbreaks or compromises. The usually red dwindle came adult underneath anomalies, that found injected libraries. However, Esser forked to that as normal, observant that “because a accessibility facilities of iOS will inject astonishing libraries into a process, a app will discuss this as a rescued anomaly.”

Esser betrothed a array of arriving blog posts to serve explain how a app works and what it means if it detects any issues on your iPhone.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET’s ask for comment.