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  Tencent’s mini console –Ministation was accessible for sale in China on Dec 23, 2015. A few points creates this launch interesting: The console is presented by a Chinese mobile hulk Tencent, not by some start-up or Kickstarter; And a timing, it was usually a few months after a central discontinuation of OUYA; And in such a marketplace where consoles don’t have good reception.  

   Here we would like to deliver to we a facilities of this new console, it would be funning to demeanour into a device and Tencent’s ambition.

In A Word

  This is a console that enables we to play mobile games on a large shade of TV set, regulating your mobile phone as a controller.


  It’s a tiny cube, with a saying by window in a middle. The colors of a cloaking have many choices.

  And while spin on, a light streaks inside supplement to a Tron feeling. By a singular design, Ministation wins a iF Design Award 2016.


  The complement is dubbed TOS (Tencent OS). It’s radically an Android system, using Android games. You can download games usually from Tencent’s build-in shop.

Launch Games

All a launch games are already accessible on mobile for a while, and now they are ported to TOS system.

Here are a few launch games, we can see that there are many famous 3rd parties, including Gameloft and Chair.

Price and Graphics

   Currently one section is sole for ¥699 (around $106). It’s easy to see, for this cost it’s not a next-gen console. And a striking peculiarity is a bit reduction than PS3.


  The package usually gives we a console body, and cables (Power, HDMI) , no controllers. You work a console and play games by your phone, both Android and iOS phones are supported. Of march we should initial download Ministation App to your phone.

  While personification a game, a diversion displays on your phone, and we hold a shade to play. No disproportion from personification a unchanging mobile game. Only that a diversion is synched to a TV set, that we can suffer a visible impact normal console games should offer.

  Please note, while there’re already many products that are means to plan your mobile shade to TV set. Ministation is different, a games are downloaded to a console and run by a console, not by a phone.

  And a control is not really intuitive. Consider personification a mobile diversion by practical buttons, for instance Adventures of Pip. You need to glance during a buttons all a time, for your fingers can’t feel them, we need to know where your fingers go; And cruise about personification PS3, we don’t need to glance during a controller, for your fingers can feel. So here’s a catch, while personification Ministation, we keep eyes on a TV set, and your fingers couldn’t feel earthy buttons –the players need to initial learn to ADAPT to this control.

Consoles in China

  In a final decade, there is a opening of consoles in China, despite a tiny organisation of gamers play smuggled consoles. The many renouned games in China are MMO games on PC, and mobile games. And tip 10 grossing mobile games are mostly RPG and MOBA games for a final dual years:

 (Above: Top grossing diversion 2015: Dreamy Chinese Odyssey梦幻西游)

  Few gamers would severely cruise shopping a dedicated gaming machine.

Tencent’s Ambition

   If this console is presented by someone else, we trust few people would give it really high expectancy of a future. We already have a OUYA story, and Chinese marketplace is not a fertilized belligerent for console games, yet.

I can’t tell for sure, though we can feel it. Tencent is absolute and has intelligent team, it wouldn’t make uncalculated move. we cruise Tencent is after something big. And what is that? My dear readers, we are all attention people some-more gifted than me, from a clues we supposing in this article, I’m certain we can tell me something?

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