Marathon Gamers

Huntsville organisation plays video games for 72 hours true to lift income for cancer research

Marathon Gamers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – They’re famous as a ‘Marathon Gamers.’ This organisation of friends is personification video games for 72 hours true in an bid to lift income for a American Cancer Society.

They’ve finished flattering good so far. Before a video diversion marathon even started, a organisation surpassed it’s idea of $2,000. They kick their new idea of $2,500 after only a few hours. By Friday night a gamers had lifted $2,600.

The marathon video diversion knowledge is being streamed on Twitch TV. The organisation says it will play by as many games as possible, doing anything they can do perform viewers in hopes of entertainment donations and to have fun while doing it. The gamers are personification Star Wars games in anticipations of a new Star Wars film entrance out in December.

You can present to a marathon bid by clicking here.

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