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Yesterday morning, NeoGAF user MMaRsu incited on his PlayStation 4 and saw an idol for Destiny enlargement “The Taken King” sitting in a menu. That wouldn’t be all that noteworthy, solely for a fact that MMaRsu says he never indeed purchased “The Taken King.”

That idol wasn’t a warn present from a Destiny angel (or Sony, Activision, or Bungie, for that matter). It was some-more of an announcement that, when selected, supposing MMaRsu a event to buy and play a diversion from a PlayStation store. And MMaRsu wasn’t alone; Twitter users and other summary house posters began angry about a same neglected idol appearing on their systems yesterday.

This kind of selling penetration into a home menu is new to many PS4 users, yet it’s not indeed a novel thing for a system. In fact, a grounds was laid over a year ago, when PS4 System Update chronicle 1.75 combined a capability for “featured calm from a PlayStation Store [to be] automatically downloaded while a PS4 complement is possibly powered on or in standby mode.”

Sony Community Manager Chris Owen said during a time that underline was dictated to automatically download “items such as demos/timed trials,” giveaway calm players competence wish to try. That seems essentially opposite from these unsought “Taken King” icons, that instead are pulling a diversion players might like to buy.

Sony hasn’t accurately been stealing this auto-download devise from users. Back in Feb 2013, months before a PS4 came out, Sony was touting a system’s ability to “automatically download calm that it knows you’ll like” and “download games for we before we even consider about it.” Even now, Sony’s PS4 Features page promotes a system’s ability to broach “personalized, curated content” by “learn[ing] your likes and dislikes, permitting we to learn calm preloaded and prepared to go on your console in your favorite diversion genres or by your favorite creators.”

Still, notwithstanding covering a complement closely for years now, we weren’t wakeful that a PS4 could supplement games onto a home menu shade like this but a approach ask from a user. A lot of other PS4 users seemed flattering astounded too, judging by online reaction.

It’s misleading either a “featured content” download choice was activated by default after a 1.75 update. Even if it wasn’t, those same astounded reactions advise many users weren’t awaiting this kind of thing if and when they incited it on. The kinds of involuntary downloads Sony is promotion could also lead to some astonishing information fees for users on metered broadband skeleton (though it’s misleading if any of “The Taken King” was indeed preloaded before squeeze in this sold case. Sony member weren’t immediately accessible to respond to a ask for criticism from Ars Technica).

[Update: A Sony deputy tells Ars that "the Taken King idol that was recently combined does not download a full diversion automatically. It simply opens adult a PS Store page where we can squeeze and download a content."]

In any case, during slightest Sony provides a choice to spin off these rather forward “features.” You can spin off a system’s ability to automatically download calm in “rest” mode by going by Settings System Automatic Downloads. You can spin off those curated “featured content” promotions in a Settings System Automatic Downloads Featured Content.

We suspect if we were somehow unknowingly of a existence of “The Taken King,” a warn coming of a couple to buy a enlargement by your PS4 home menu could be seen as a positive. As it stands, though, we feel we’re unprotected to adequate selling for new games but saying it each time we spin on a PS4.

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