I admit: we am an Android aficionado. Don’t get me wrong, a iPhone is a beautiful device; well-performing, and takes improved cinema and videos than any Android smartphone on a market.

Yet, we preference Android for personal use. we adore a fact that we can puncture into a courage of an Android phone or tablet. Yes, we can jailbreak an iPhone, though Android is already out-of-the-box developed for customization. There are tons of add-ons, skins, themes, and other customization options to unequivocally make your Android a device that reflects your character and personality.

And of course, with Android we have scores of phones to select from. Plus, it’s an easy fit into a ecosystem of Google, that includes Chrome, Google Maps, and YouTube.

Which is because we was flattering stoked about a sum Google supposing on a arriving latest iteration of a Android handling system, formula named, “Android N,” during this year’s Google I/O developers’ conference.

Here is a rundown:

Better Performance: A new JIT compiler is in a Android N. For finish users, this means faster performance, faster app installation, and apps holding adult reduction storage.

Better Graphics: Android N includes a new 3-D digest API for high-performance graphics. The API is named Vulkan.

Multi-Window Support: This has been requested for utterly some time by many Android users. Android N allows for displaying more than one app during a same time. Two apps can run corresponding or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode. On TV devices, apps can use picture-in-picture mode to continue video playback while users are interacting with another app.

Direct Reply: With a Direct Reply underline in Android N, users can fast respond to calm messages or refurbish charge lists directly within a presentation interface. This means we can respond to messages but opening any app.

Seamless Updates: With Android N, updates occur in a background, so we can continue to use your device as usual.

New Emojis: 72 new emojis have been added.

By a way, for a initial time ever, Google is seeking a open to contention suggestions for a final recover name to Android N. You can contention your ideas to #NameAndroidN.

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