(Rockstar)Images like this usually strengthen what’s entrance to a DLC container for GTA V–a obscene wardrobe as good as an uber costly car.

While 2016 has seen a satisfactory share of DLC calm nearing for games, “Grand Theft Auto V” will cruise itself propitious to be among those removing new calm this month. A new car, as good as some new clothes, will arrive this month—and will have a ‘February’ wrapping as well.

“Happy February” is only a right word to use for fans of “GTA V,” according to iDigital Times. The news says that people should demeanour out for additional calm from Rockstar, in a form of new modes (Adversary Mode) as good as new equipment nearing in line with February’s theme—Valentine’s Day.

Two YouTubers, MrBossFTW and Foxy Snapa aka SC SilverFox1, leaked a video with new vehicles and attire revealed. The new car is reportedly a Albany Roosevelt Valor, accessible in-game for a cost around $982,000. However, MrBossFTW argues a picturesque guess would be some-more around $975,000 or $1,000,000.

Another object a refurbish brings would be ‘charming’ outfits for masculine and womanlike characters. Girls will accept a ‘Charm’ dress for a cost of $21,515; a ‘Paramour’ for $19,913; as good as a ‘Love,’ ‘Blues,’ ‘Angelic,’ and ‘Admirer,’ that is a many costly during $56,094.

In other news, this PSU report brings serve technical information about a Valentine update.

First off, a “GTA V” refurbish 1.16 brings a content, that ‘dataminers’ like MrBossFTW and Foxy Snapa detected while snooping around. The outcome of that snooping around seems to have yielded information about a Albany Roosevelt, that is finish with a minute description.

Along with a updates are a aptly named dresses, that could be any of these ‘charming’ clothes—a “red heart edging bustier,” “scarlet edging panties,” and “red leopard stockings.” Whether these updates are loyal or not will be seen in “GTA V’s” Valentine’s Day update.

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