As we reported yesterday, Google recently opened up a Google Dialer app to substantially all phones using Marshmallow. Great! Everyone was happy for a few hours, and afterwards a other shoe dropped. It turns out this was not conscious on Google’s part, and a Play Store inventory no longer allows installing on non-Nexus phones. What’s more, sideloading is blocked in a latest build.

Google reached out to us to endorse that a Play Store harmony was an error. Fair enough, as many phones don’t indispensably support swapping out a dialer though tweaking. However, it looks like a latest chronicle of a Dialer has been altered to forestall designation on non-Nexus devices. Attempting to sideload the new 2.5.12_rc9 version gets we this in logcat.

05-14 17:44:41.932  1175  1200 W PackageManager: Package requires taken common library; failing!

RC9 is looking for a specific library (/system/framework/, and a installation fails when it’s not found. That’s substantially usually on Nexus devices, and a older RC8 build didn’t demeanour for it.

2016-05-14 22.36.40 2016-05-14 22.37.45

Moto X Pure attempting to implement RC9 (left) and RC8 (right)

So, that’s how Google’s restraint sideloading now. You would substantially be means to pull that library to a secure device if we could remove it from a Nexus, though that’s a lot of work for a dialer.

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