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Good peculiarity mobile diversion animations – A Koukoi Games guide

In a last art centered post, we talked about art instruction and defining your art style. This following post is a some-more lightsome demeanour into a work process, in a form of a food recipe for making a animations and impression designs of Crashing Season as envisioned by a Lead 3D Artist, Antti Katajamäki. The routine itself during Koukoi starts with sketches and judgment art done by a 2D artist.

So, here’s a recipe for a Crashing Season Character animations


  • 1 pc good video anxiety of a animal moving
  • 4 cups of cartoony exaggeration
  • 1- 2 cups of wavy movement
  • 6 teaspoons of groove
  • 4 cups of sweat
  • 3 teaspoons of wordless tears

A Character pattern piece detailing a stages of indication design. It starts with a blueprint that is discriminating into some-more discriminating judgment art that defines a ubiquitous feel of a character. The impression turnaround (portraying a impression from opposite angles) in spin guides a 3D modeler to carve a model.

Next, we pierce to the preparation stage:

  1. Take one anxiety of a using animal and cut off a invalid parts.
  2. Pre-fry and marinate with cartoony exaggeration.
  3. Pour on a wavy transformation and piquancy it with groove.
  4. Put it in a oven to meal for a day or two.
  5. Keep it luscious and wet by adding persperate and tears.
  6. Hand it to a coder and disagree with them. This simmers a animation down usually right.
  7. Enjoy, if it is too mild; repeat tools 5 and 6

…and, serve records on modeling:

Good judgment drawings are naturally a basement for modeling. In these cases we can penetrate into a nirvana-like coma with headphones on and usually combine on a topology. Every zenith has a mark in a bit universe. The displaying routine is some-more like dialogue, and a many critical partial is to know how to listen.

Further records on animation:

The initial animations were directed to be done as picturesque as possible, done from accurate references. In a end, however, it was beheld that a references work some-more as a starting indicate and a first idea. The bottom truth for a animation has been that animation itself is easy, we usually have to file a keyframes and put them in their place.

So, to summation some of a tips in this article:

  • For transformation animations, get one good anxiety video, concentration on a many essential tools of a transformation and use those as your basis.
  • Exaggerate certain characteristics of a animation if necessary
  • For a 3D models; 1) start with sketches 2) move to some-more minute judgment art that captures a hint of a animal 3) uncover those vertexes who’s boss

To find out some-more how we are finalizing Crashing Season, stay tuned for some-more updates and remember to play a diversion when it comes out for iOS and Android inclination globally! The diversion is now accessible for Android inclination usually in Can Aus.

This blog post was creatively posted at on 10th of Mar 2016. This blog post was co-written by Lead 3D Artist Antti Katajamäki and Game Marketing Intern Matti Luonua.

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