One of a best things about a fourth-generation Apple TV is a ability to download games to play. I’m a outrageous fan of a first-person shooter, yet infrequently we only wish a sparse diversion to work on my reflexes. An glorious instance of that recently brought to iOS, Plavee, has only been expelled on Apple TV.

Good use of a Siri Remote

There’s no need for a Bluetooth controller with Plavee, since a diversion creates superb use of a Siri Remote. You only have to appropriate left or right on a touchpad to pierce your smiling triangle, directing a descending balls into a scold goals.

Plavee for Apple TV 2

Quick reflexes are necessary

The diversion starts off easy enough, yet it fast ramps adult a action. The balls get smaller, and tumble faster, definition we have to conflict with speed and pointing to get them into a scold goals. Miss one, and it’s diversion over.

Plavee for Apple TV 1

GameCenter support is included

Plavee includes GameCenter leaderboards. This means we can see how we smoke-stack adult opposite your friends and a rest of a world. There aren’t any achievements enclosed only yet, though.

Plavee for Apple TV 3

Getting Plavee

Plavee is a concept app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. You can download it for giveaway on a App Store, though any in-app purchases. There are video ads in a game, yet they are infrequent. If we don’t wish to implement a diversion on your iOS device, only hunt a tvOS App Store for “Plavee.” Watch my not-so-hot opening in a gameplay video below, or click here if it fails to load.

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