Gamers ready for their biggest year yet

We’ve all listened a stories about how video games have overtaken song and cinema to turn a world’s biggest party activity. But 2016 is already looking to be providing gamers with their many sparkling year so far.

From highly-anticipated games such as No Man’s Sky to Lucky Nugget Casino’s innovations in mobile gaming technology, here are some developments that all gamers should demeanour brazen to in 2016.

Breakthrough titles

2015 was a frustrating year for some gamers as a long-awaited No Man’s Sky still unsuccessful to materialise. However, a indie games studio Hello Games have betrothed that a pretension will be finally expelled in winter 2016, and should once-and-for-all broach gamers a truly open-world format to explore.

Much has been done of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles slipping behind in a increasingly-competitive height war, though the Xbox One faces a make-or-break year as it fights behind with a fibre of clever titles such as Uncharted 4, Quantum Break and Crackdown 3.

Net opportunities

One of a biggest reasons because 2015 was video games’ biggest year nonetheless was a internet-based innovations that authorised console gamers to download games approach to their device. Despite some frustrating download times, a preference afforded by this process of squeeze has meant that it’s now easier to diversion than ever.

Similarly, a mobile gaming marketplace has continued to freshness with smashing nonplus journey games such as Lumino City and Australia’s no. 1 online gambling site Lucky Nugget Casino charity modernized gameplay with increasing convenience. By permitting gamers to entrance a outrageous operation of roulette, poker and slots games no matter where they are, such sites infer that preference unequivocally is aristocrat in a complicated gaming environment.

VR futures

However, one of a biggest reasons as to because 2016 should be such a insubordinate gaming year is by a advances of practical existence technology. For a few years, brands such as Oculus Rift have successfully illustrated a ways in that synthetic environments can be practically combined by a innovative headsets.

But with likes of Microsoft and Sony jumping abroad a VR bandwagon, it looks like this could be a year where practical existence becomes a truly consumer gaming focus that could make games like No Man’s Sky seem somehow old-fashioned in comparison.

So from Lucky Nugget Casino’s advances in mobile gaming, to Sony’s hugely-anticipated PlayStation VR device, it seems like 2016 is going to be a gaming year to remember.

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