gamingesaAlong with a MPAA and RIAA a Entertainment Software Association (ESA) submitted a overview of “notorious markets” to a Office of a US Trade Representative (USTR) this week.

These submissions assistance to beam a U.S. Government’s position toward unfamiliar countries when it comes to copyright enforcement.

The ESA represents video diversion companies including Blizzard, EA, Nintendo, Playstation and Ubisoft. In a news a organisation lists several bandit sites that concede a open to download games for free.

Torrent sites are one of a many poignant threats according to a ESA, with KickassTorrents being a vital player.

“The ‘Kickass Torrents’ swell indexing site ( has altered domains regularly in a new past in response to coercion efforts, and is now permitted during a domain ‘’,” a ESA writes.

“It is a many well-trafficked swell indexing site in a world, and as a Alexa ranking indicates, one of a many renouned websites of any kind on a Internet,” a organisation adds (pdf).

Additional swell sites referenced by a diversion companies are TorrentHound and Interestingly, other large players such as The Pirate Bay are not mentioned in a report.


The ESA also sees cyberlockers as robbery havens, with being a many trafficked site in this category.

“This site is important for a intensely low tellurian Alexa score, indicating a high volume of traffic. In Aug 2015, a site was obliged for hosting some-more than 43,000 infringing game-related files accessible for download by third parties,” a ESA notes.

The diversion companies acquire a assistance of a U.S. Government though indicate out that holding a website down doesn’t always have a preferred effect. Last year a renouned German denunciation joining site was raided though currently a inheritor is even some-more active than a prior version.

Finally, a ESA also highlights a comparatively new trend in that “pirate servers” aim subscription-based diversion services. These cloud-based games are reduction exposed to normal forms of robbery though “rogue” servers emerged, that concede users to play a diversion for free.

“When users are diverted to play on such servers, diversion publishers are not means to monetize their online games as described above and so face reduced opportunities to replenish their investment in formulating a online game,” a ESA notes.

As an instance a ESA lists, that allows 10,000 to 20,000 people per day to play World of Warcraft but profitable a monthly subscription price Blizzard requires.

Later this year a US Trade Representative will use a submissions of a MPAA and other parties to accumulate a final list of robbery havens. The U.S. Government will afterwards warning a countries where ‘rogue’ sites work in a wish that internal authorities take action.

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