Sony releases a list of a many downloaded PS4 games for Feb 2016, divulgence that Campo Santo’s indie poser Firewatch has come out on tip for a month.

The expansion of digital calm in video games has non-stop a doorway for a new multiply of studios to strech outrageous audiences. One of these studios was Campo Santo, with gamers descending in adore with its independent journey pretension Firewatch, heading to a diversion being one of a most expected releases of 2016. As it turns out, this guarantee has lead to a large series of sales, with Firewatch a many downloaded PS4 diversion of Feb 2016.

The news was suggested by Sony, who forsaken a list of a many downloaded games over on a official PlayStation blog. The success of Firewatch is hugely impressive, as a pretension was adult opposite some unbending antithesis over a march of a month. In a end, however, Firewatch managed some-more digital downloads than large hitters such as Far Cry Primal and Street Fighter 5.

Campo Santo will no doubt be intensely happy with a feat in PS4 downloads. The studio spent a prolonged time operative on a project, and nonetheless critical support was overwhelming for a game’s constrained poser and clever characters, it’s critical for that to send over into clever sales as well. Hopefully, a success of Firewatch will meant that a developer can follow on with another considerable project.

Firewatch cover

Firewatch cover

It’s no warn to see a gaming village group to a title. Firewatch some-more than delivered on a guarantee of a dialogue-driven adventure, constrained players with engaging characters and some formidable dignified dilemmas. Meanwhile, a game’s bittersweet narrative is frequency going to leave a player’s mind in a hurry, heading to some low contemplative suspicion that flies in a face of many video diversion stories.

Of course, it’s some-more than usually a peculiarity of Firewatch that has led to a place during a tip of a PS4 download charts. The game’s digital-only inlet means that any PS4 owners who wanted to play a diversion would need to download it, since other titles on a list might have had their sales separate between digital and earthy releases. Nonetheless, this is still a vital manoeuvre for Campo Santo.

That success is doubtful to follow by to March’s figures, however. Not usually does Firewatch not have a release day bang on a side, though even some-more rarely expected diversion releases are on a cards. In particular, Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter The Division is set for a central recover after a hugely succesful beta contrast stage. Even so, it feels like Firewatch has done a permanent symbol on PS4 gaming.

Here’s a full outline of a tip PS4 downloads for Feb 2016:

1. Firewatch

2. Far Cry: Primal

3. Rocket League

4. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

5. Street Fighter V

6. Need for Speed

7. Madden NFL 16

8. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition

9. Grand Theft Auto V

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

11. Star Wars: Battlefront

12. Battlefield 4

13. EA Sports FIFA 16

14. NBA 2K16

15. Life is Strange

16. Unravel

17. Battlefield: Hardline

18. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment

19. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

20. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Firewatch is out now for PS4 and PC.

Source: PlayStation

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