Why Is Comcast So Bad

When it comes to patron service, Comcast is an anti-miracle worker, arrange of like if Jesus had attempted branch H2O into booze and it came out as King Cobra instead. Sure, it’s still an considerable achievement, yet is it really something worth bragging about? Because of this, we weren’t astounded to see CityExplainer’s large news that revealed a Federal Communications Commission has perceived some-more than 2,000 complaints about Comcast over only a past 3 months for reasons travelling from bad patron use to billing errors to information top policies.

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For a purposes, let’s concentration on a complaints about Comcast’s capped information plans, that a association is only prickly to move beyond a initial hearing markets and out to a national launch. Comcast insists that a information caps aren’t indeed information caps yet are instead “data use devise trials,” yet let’s be genuine — these skeleton give we a monthly extent on the data we can use before Comcast starts slapping we with overage fees. By all reasonable definitions, they are information caps.

And business really, unequivocally hatred them.

Let’s go by some of a information top complaints a FCC has perceived so far. This letter raises concerns about not removing told when you’re coming your monthly information limit. Essentially, this patron says they were strike with overage charges even yet they never perceived a warning about channel their information threshold:


This patron in Alabama, meanwhile, points out how easy it is to blow by your 300GB information top if we watch Netflix and download games onto your PlayStation 4. The patron also mentions that they have no other choice for broadband providers in their neighborhood:


This Comcast patron creates a really distinct indicate that with a distance of digital media expanding interjection to online gaming and 4K videos, Comcast’s capricious information caps are wholly too low for complicated Internet users.


This user in Mississippi is removing strike with overage charges and they can’t find any approach to see how most information they’re indeed regulating each month:


This user creates an evidence that a information caps are anti-competitive given they give people an inducement to hang with Comcast’s wire bundles for their TV repair instead of regulating Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV and risking removing strike with fees for going over their monthly caps.


This thesis is echoed by another user who feels Comcast’s information caps are a company’s approach of pressuring people to hang with TV wire bundles:


So let’s go over a ubiquitous themes we’ve seen here: Many business are anticipating that Comcast’s information caps are easy to blow through, quite if you’re a cord knife or a gamer. Some Comcast business have found that they don’t get correct warnings about intensity overages or that they can’t entrance collection indispensable to lane their information usage. Challenging uncalled-for overage fees is insanely hard, only as severe any fraudulent Comcast fees is insanely hard. And finally, business trust these information caps give business inducement to allow to Comcast’s competing wire bundles instead of examination TV over a web.

Despite all these complaints, however, we can’t see Comcast ditching information caps anytime shortly given a association faces small foe in many markets and given there’s only too most income to be done from charging overage fees.

To review a full collection of Comcast complaints about information caps, check out CityExplainer’s full value trove here.

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