By Chris Hutton

It was usually underneath a week ago that Apple announced a brood of new products alongside program news, including a iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and a iOS 9 recover date.

But one of a some-more engaging moments of a company’s Sep 9 eventuality was a introduction of a new Apple TV. The Cupertino organisation gave a set-top a poignant hardware and program upgrade, with a transparent goal of display users “the destiny of TV.” But what does this destiny entail, exactly?

Here’s a demeanour during a 9 vital upgrades Apple brought to a front with a new Apple TV. Eight of them are estimable improvements, while one leaves us scratching a heads.

It’s voice activated

After a calls came from users to do so, Apple followed Amazon’s route and combined voice hunt functionality to a new Apple TV. Using Siri, a new Apple TV has a ability to hunt media around genre, actor, comedy, age joint and more. Users can activate Siri with a hold of a symbol on their remote. It’s a available underline a aged Apple TV was sorely lacking.

Siri, smart, pointy and helpful

Did we skip an critical stage during your rewatch of West Wing? You can ask Siri to rewind a uncover for a specific volume of time. If we didn’t hear something, we can ask Siri to replay a method with captions. Even better, we can ask Siri that famous actor is on shade right now and have it tell we all a films or TV shows a actor has ever been in.

More third celebration app compatibility

While a aged Apple TV kept a storefront singular to a handful of third-party apps like Spotify and Netflix, a further of a App Store will concede developers to emanate their possess apps for a Apple TV. So far, we’ve usually seen Apple TV versions of Zillow, Gilt and, though with 11 million developers now on a case, we’re certain to see a few thousand some-more by a time a device launches in late October.

You can play games on it

Users will have a ability download games directly to a new Apple TV. Apple showed off a accumulation of games during a event, including Crossy Road and Disney Infinity 3.0. However, users should design to see other games on a console soon, including Rayman Legends, Galaxy on Fire 3 and Asphalt 8. It competence not opposition console mainstays like a Xbox One or PS4, though it should have adequate energy underneath a hood to play many, if not all, of your favorite iOS games in 1080p.

Apple TV controller gets a vital upgrade

Apple combined a series of new functions to a Apple TV remote that improves a functionality. Not usually is it easier to appropriate by content, though a remote’s built-in gyroscope and accelerometer offers users and developers a brood of new and intensity functions. Touch is an superb further to a square of hardware that started to uncover a age a prolonged time ago.

tvOS is a diversion changer

Simply called tvOS, a new Apple TV program is a summary of what Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs wanted from a get-g it’s easy to use, quick and intuitive. Best of all, it’s swipe-compatible, that means you’ll be means to use a touchpad on a remote to get from indicate A to indicate B. If swiping isn’t your style, tvOS’s interface is optimized for use with voice commands. There’s some-more options here than ever before, pardon a new Apple TV from a unfair control intrigue of a predecessors.

It’s Apple Music compatible

While a Apple TV had a ability to tide song around Airplay and Spotify, Apple’s preference to supplement Apple Music harmony to a new Apple TV OS opens new doors for a user’s media consumption. Users can tide their favorite albums, emanate tradition radio stations, or (if they’re feeling risky) Beats 1 Radio.

Third-party appendage compatibility

Now that Apple is charity developer support for a Apple TV, users should see some-more accessories on a market. Apple says that developers will recover some-more than a dozen made-for-Apple TV diversion controllers in a subsequent few months, starting with SteelSeries’ MFi Nimbus controller.

Simplified ports, during a cost

In (newly) standard Apple fashion, a association private a audio-out ports from a Apple TV for a consequence of simplicity. This means that a usually approach to get sound out of a Apple TV is by a singular HDMI pier on a behind of a device. This competence not seem like a large understanding to many people, though it will make it harder to use a device with incomparable sound systems that need visual audio out. By comparison, a Amazon Fire TV has an visual audio-out, that Home Entertainment Editor Nick Pino calls “super useful.”

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