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Train passengers will shortly be means to download cinema and play games regulating their smartphones during sight journeys. All interjection to North Western Railways (NWR), that has motionless to implement WiFi hotspots in comparison superfast and double-decker trains, and to yield giveaway entrance to passengers.

NWR will yield this trickery by installing limited routers in coaches of some trains. Using WiFi on those trains, passengers will have to download an app called Press Play, that will capacitate them to download games, movies, music, and more.


Picture for illustration only. Source: rajesh barua/Flickr

They can also select to watch or play regulating a app itself, but downloading a services. The trickery has already been started in Bikaner-Sarai Rohilla sight on a hearing basis, after that it will be extended to other trains as well. According to a plan, a hearing of this facility will be started in 9 trains in several groups of NWR.

The app will work usually when a newcomer is inside a train, with a limited WiFi router. But cinema downloaded regulating a app during a tour can be seen after as well. Passengers can also use a tie to get updated information about a sight and other things associated to Railways.

“We are also formulation to start this trickery in a Jaipur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla double-decker train. To run it permanently, we will have to take clearway from Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow,” an officer told The Times of India.

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