Comcast Data Caps 300 GB Fairness

So we already know from Comcast’s possess inner documents that a information caps have zero to do with handling undiluted networks. Instead, a association is insisting that these new caps are all about “fairness” — that is, business who use reduction information shouldn’t have to compensate some-more per month to finance all a “data hogs” and their fancy-pants BitTorrent streams. It’s only like Comcast to always demeanour out for a tiny guy, isn’t it?

Well, no, it’s not. And we won’t be astounded to know that a information top policies have positively zero to do with fairness.

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If Comcast unequivocally cared about being “fair” to people who don’t use a lot of data, we would consider it would give them poignant cost cuts instead of only charging a “data hogs” some-more for their usage. It isn’t, of course. Instead it keeps prices a same when it translates before total services into capped skeleton and afterwards charges customers an additional $30 per month if they wish to get out of carrying use caps.

Even if Comcast doesn’t wish to cut broadband prices for people who use reduction data, it could come adult with other ways of creation things “fairer” for these users. For instance, it could exercise a rollover information intrigue like a one T-Mobile has pioneered in a mobile world. Or it could do what Google’s Project Fi is doing and indeed reinstate users for new information any month. Yes, Comcast has a “flexible data” plan in that it pays we behind a whole $5 if we don’t go over a 5GB extent any month, though such a extent for home Internet use is so laughably tiny that I can’t suppose many sensitive consumers indeed holding them adult on it.

Here’s a thing: Comcast is implementing these caps on a far-reaching basement only as a marketplace for online video streaming services is unequivocally starting to take off. Comcast says only 8% of a business use 300GB of information per month though it’s intelligent adequate to know that this commission is going to boost significantly when some-more people start streaming Netflix on their 4K TVs and as some-more people download games onto their PCs and consoles instead of shopping and installing discs.

As one fed adult Comcast patron recently observed, these caps are “just low adequate to retaliate streaming,” that is certainly not a coincidence. By environment adult information boundary that are only forward of a bend when it comes to destiny technologies, Comcast is environment itself adult to be a gatekeeper for a kinds of applications that we can use. This gives it a power to try to fist companies like Netflix to compensate for “sponsored data” so that their business aren’t strike with unchanging overage fees or, if that intrigue fails, just get business to compensate gradually some-more income for broadband given they expected don’t have any other options for broadband services in their areas.

Will this arrange of thing mistreat technological innovation? You gamble it will, though Comcast has never been a fan of creation solely when it comes to concocting some-more innovative ways to squeeze some-more income from customers’ wallets any month.

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