New digital height shares a visible storytelling routine with over 70000 pieces of art from high­quality charcterised projects.


From a co-producers of a Oscar-nominated Song of a Sea and a award-winning Long Way North comes a new digital height for a art of visible storytelling.

Startup association Craft aims to emanate a training and impulse core by giving creatives entrance to a resources of development, preproduction, and prolongation element from animation and diversion productions.

Aimed during animation professionals and fans, “Craft” is an online subscription- formed height that allows a user to entrance a art and unpractical materials of high- peculiarity charcterised films, series, and games–the sketches, scripts, judgment art, impression designs, storyboards, animatics, work-in-progress animation and most more.

The initial calm on a height includes making-of and work- in-progress element from both Song of a Sea and The Secret of Kells, pleasantness of Cartoon Saloon. The renouned and innovative anticipation array Tales of Alethrion is also accessible and some-more calm is scheduled to come online regularly. Industry professionals, students, and fans can try all this element for training and inspiration–compare opposite versions, see a progression, and even download a tangible files to deconstruct how something was done and a suspicion routine behind it.

Subscribers to a height might peruse calm by craft, eg. scriptwriting, storyboarding or impression design, or try element by film or diversion project. Furthermore, anyone can squeeze files from a productions to investigate adult close, sequence pleasing prolongation prints, and buy singular 3D printed impression models.

Increasingly, clarity of a artistic routine is apropos an attention trend, something that Craft wishes to serve by permitting film and diversion companies to open adult and build an assembly during their production. This is not usually a vital event for a calm producers, though also a good apparatus for creatives around a world.

“We adore that things and trust other people adore it too and will be desirous to be invited into a creators’ process.” So says Craft CEO and Co-Founder Frederik Villumsen, who is also behind a rarely reputable animation studio Nørlum.

Craft is also a village building around a creation of films, series, and games. Users can ask questions and creators can directly rivet them, adding their records and comments or responding questions about a material. The Craft Store provides an event to entrance merchandise, imitation artwork, and sequence specialty items, such as 3D printed impression total or art books. Craft launched on May 1st, 2016 and is accessible now—check it out during

Subscribers now have entrance to over 70,000 pieces of pre-production and prolongation element in animation and games.  

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