Monkey Island 2

If an app that we possess is private from a App Store, we will no longer be means to download it from your squeeze history, an Apple orator has told Pocket Gamer.

Recently, a series of games have been pulled from a App Store by their creators for several reasons. Telltale has pulled The Walking Dead to repair bugs, and Disney has removed Monkey Island 2 since it was too old.

But owners of those apps have beheld that a games are left from their purchase history, too, creation it unfit to download them. If we don’t already have Rolado on your iPhone, for example, we aren’t means to get it.

A developer behind a Twitter app Tweetbot pronounced this was new behavior, and was uncertain either it was a new Apple process or only a bug.

Now, a orator for Apple has explained to PG that “if [developers] mislay their apps from a store, they can't be redownloaded until a app has been resubmitted to a App Store”.

If we wish to keep your favourite iOS games around forever, you’ll have to behind them adult yourself, as it seems like Apple will no longer do it for you.

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