Yesterday in Beijing Wang Feng, a CEO of Chinese gaming startup Fuze, took to a theatre during a press discussion to proudly betray his venture’s newest product—a home video diversion console called a Tomahawk F1.

Like many CEOs with products that contest opposite determined unfamiliar brands, Wang was discerning to play adult a device’s phenomenon as a watershed impulse in China’s tech industry, that has nonetheless to see a domestic console poise a poignant plea to a likes of Sony and Microsoft.

“When will China’s games market—especially high-resolution consoles and high-performance consoles, a best products [out there]—be taken over by Chinese businesses?” Wang asked a audience (link in Chinese).

There’s some irony to Wang’s ambitions. His company’s console bears a distinguished similarity to both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. As Kotaku points out, a controller for a Tomahawk F1 resembles a Xbox One’s, right down to a symbol blueprint and altogether shape.

The Xbox One controller.(Flickr/Major Nelson CC BY-NC-ND)The Fuze Tomahawk F1 controller.(Fuze)

Meanwhile a Tomahawk F1’s console pattern resembles that of a PlayStation 4—a black, square-shaped chunk with an score around a perimeter.

The Tomahawk F1 console.(Fuze)The Sony Playstation 4 console.(Wikimedia/Dani Willyrex CC BY-SA 3.0)

The program pattern harkens behind to a PlayStation. Blogger and researcher ZhugeEx remarkable that many of a facilities of Fuze’s Android-based handling complement have approach analogs on a PS4:

“It’s transparent that a association have flattering most ripped off a pattern rather than formulating their possess singular take,” he writes. “It’s unequivocally most a finish duplicate with a home page carrying a accurate same amicable and news facilities that a PS4 home page does, even a diversion store looks accurately a same with all a calm and other interfaces in a accurate place you’d find it on PS4.”

Quartz reached out to Fuze orator Du Qingyang with questions about a pattern similarities, though did not accept a response.

Copy during your possess risk

Aping a branding and pattern choices of timeless competitors is lamentably hackneyed in China. In new weeks one Chinese film association done headlines with ham-fisted attempts to ape Disney’s Zootopia poster, and an attire builder came underneath glow for copying Under Armour’s logo.

For those who wish to see some-more innovative products entrance from China, Fuze’s pattern decisions prick in sold given they symbol a missed event to emanate something original.

After a longtime anathema on diversion consoles, China ratified a domestic sale and make of a inclination in early 2014. Sony and Microsoft shortly offering a PS4 and Xbox One, respectively, to a domestic audience. Legacy Chinese tech firms—including Huawei and Tencent—also expelled home video diversion consoles. But those typically were small some-more than projectors for big-screen Android gaming, that were doubtful to interest to hardcore gamers.

A few years ago Fuze launched as a startup peaceful to enter China’s console marketplace in earnest. Backed with income from high-profile try collateral firms, it billed itself as a Chinese aspirant focused on gaming practice that could opposition Sony’s and Microsoft’s, while still using on Android software. It would optimize high-quality games for home use, and also work with publishers and developers to make a best Xbox and PlayStation titles concordant as well.

But fad over Fuze has already cooled given a product sum were announced yesterday. Priced during 899 yuan ($138) for a simple version, a device is reduction than half a cost of an Xbox One or a PS4—which will usually fuel detractors arguing it’s a “cheap knockoff.” Its diversion catalog looks to be wider than those consoles, though that’s mostly due to a Android-based handling system, that allows for a easy import of mobile games.

The association has already taken a bloody violence from commenters. Under a product proclamation on Weibo (akin to Twitter), many gamers expressed their disappointment (link in Chinese) during a association for shamelessly aping Sony and Microsoft designs.

“As a critical gamer, when we see we review yourselves to a 3 large console makers, we clarity a lot of lofty ambitions,” one wrote. “But what we wish to know is, do we unequivocally wish to make a high-quality console? Or do we only wish to take advantage of consoles [being hot] to make a discerning sire and run off?”

Others were some-more sarcastic:

“Good luck! After looking during this product, we feel like even we can make a console—all we need to do is gloat about how industrious we am, criminal a few investors, and duplicate other consoles.”

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