What Are Some Qualities That Make A Cartoon Based On A Video Game

One needs to have a character that has a strong plot and be able to create numerous episodes based on his background. This is one of the basic requirement when you are planning to make a cartoon from a video game. In the market, there are varieties

How To Breed Pokemon

For all of those die-hard gamers wanting more information on how to breed a Pokemon, you have come to the right place. To start with, each pokemon possesses six IVs. There is one for every stat. Their range will always be from 0 to 31. This is

What Are Some Of The Best Video Games Based On Movies

Video games are very popular. Between exclusives and multiplatform there are titles that leave no one indifferent player and should generate great enthusiasm. So here are some of the best video games. • Dying Light (PC, XBONE, PS4, XB360, PS3) A hot and putrid wind landed in

Dragon Age Inquisition’s Descent DLC: A side-serving of dwarven goodness

There are a few different kinds of story-based DLC. The upcoming Trespasser DLC, as we can see from this trailer, has been designed for the player who has finished the main game and is looking for closure. Other kinds, like previous Dragon Age DLC Jaws of

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided emerges in February with an augmented special edition

Square Enix has launched a unique pre-order campaign for its upcoming stealth-based first-person shooter Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, giving players the chance to unlock the game early by reaching online community milestones. The post Deus Ex: Mankind Divided emerges in February with an augmented special edition

Dying Light developer’s next game is motorcycle racer FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15

Well here’s a bit of a surprise – Techland, the developer best known for their innovative multilayer damage system which made the zombies in Dead Island and Dying Light die in a realistic manner, have announced their new game – and there are no zombies to

Destiny The Taken King DLC: New Quests Revealed, Achievements And Trophies Detailed

Destiny: The Taken King is almost here. The new expansion pack (possibly the first of Destiny’s to actually earn that title) is going to bring a significant overhaul to the game everybody loves to hate on, and yet play regardless anyway, possibly bringing it closer to

Fallout 4 New Details: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s, Perks, Quests And More

Bethesda is fully in the process of promoting and pushing Fallout 4 as much as they can; recently, they had a presentation for the game where they showed off more of it, including aspects that we had never seen before. In an interview with PC PowerPlay,

The Quiet Collection review for PS Vita, Wii U

Even for someone as dedicated to the Vita as I am, I can't say I spent too much time browsing its storefront — though in my defense, it was awfully easy to miss, tucked away as it was in a little corner of the handheld's PlayStation

Mortal Kombat X Cancelled For PS3 And Xbox 360

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Mortal Kombat X have been cancelled. The announcement was made via a statement posted on the company's community forums. "After months of development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has come to the regrettable

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