Video Game Hall of Fame

Beloved video games nominated for initiation into Video Game Hall of Fame

Video Game Hall of Fame

A diversion featuring a afterwards little-known plumber, another with a idea of gobbling adult pac pellets, and a diversion many cruise to be a one that started launched an industry.

“Super Mario Brothers,” “Pac-Man,” and “Pong” were among a initial category of a World Video Game Hall of Fame. This year, 15 new titles are among those nominated for induction.

Many of us have expected spent many “productive” hours, controller in hand, on a goal to reunite pieces of a triforce in “The Legend of Zelda,” or confronting off with a crony in “Street Fighter II.”

The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York manages a gymnasium that non-stop in 2015. The museum, that also manages a National Toy Hall of Fame, is dedicated all things play and how such activity encourages training and creativity.

Five or 6 games will be inducted this year into a World Video Game Hall of Fame formed on longevity, geographical reach, and change on a video diversion culture.

The nominees are:

  • “Elite”
  • “Final Fantasy”
  • “Grand Theft Auto III”
  • “John Madden Football”
  • “The Legend of Zelda”
  • “Minecraft”
  • “Nürburgring”
  • “The Oregon Trail”
  • “Pokèmon Red and Green”
  • “Sid Meier’s Civilization”
  • “The Sims”
  • “Sonic a Hedgehog”
  • “Space Invaders”
  • “Street Fighter II”
  • “Tomb Raider”

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