Franchise about robots who contest in fun battles also gets toy, giveaway Nintendo 3DS game

Bandai suggested during a Tokyo Toy Show 2016 eventuality on Thursday that it will entrance a Heybot! radio anime array dictated for facile school-aged children this fall.

The anime takes place on a screw-shaped island nation of Nejigajima (“neji” means screw in Japanese). The anime will follow a dual “Bokyabots” Hebotto and a Yurui Prince Nejiru as they collect opposite “Bokya Neji” screws. When a Bokyabots wear a Bokya Neji screws on their heads, they’re means to contest in “Bokya Battles,” battles for who can consider adult and tell a best jokes.

Bandai will also sell a “DX Hebotto!” communication drudge fondle modeled after a show’s protagonist commencement in mid-September. When users put a “Bokya Neji” screw into a conduct of a robot, it talks. When users mix 3 screws, a drudge enters a “Bokya Battle Mode” where it creates jokes. The drudge will also underline other modes, including a “game communication mode” that allows users to play with a drudge with a free-to-play Nintendo 3DS game. “DX Hebotto!” will gold one screw though users can squeeze adult to 12 other screws alone for 250 yen (about US$2.30) each. The drudge itself will sell for 4,500 yen (about US$42).

Bandai Namco Pictures registered 4 trademarks on Mar 31 for “Heybot!” for animation, games, home console games, trade label games, house games, music, as good as sell like food, drinks, posters, and still and other paper products.

Bandai Namco Pictures strictly launched final April. The association handles Sunrise‘s egghead skill directed during children and family, such as a Aikatsu! anime. The association formerly registered a “Aikatsu Stars!” heading in Feb that was after suggested as a radio anime and an anime film. Bandai Namco Pictures also constructed a MILPOM stop-motion shorts.

Source and image: Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web

Update: Heybot! pretension spelling updated.

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