Mumbai: Filmmaker SS Rajamouli’s 2015 chronological novella play Bahubali: The Beginning will enhance a authorization by releasing digital striking novels after this year.

The striking novel will be formed on a blockbuster film and will uncover stories of a characters that could not be shown in Bahubali.

“Whatever you’re going to see is not an appendage from a film, yet comes from a fundamental story. What we see in a film is a tiny part. There is most some-more story, drama, action, journey interwoven into a comic,” Rajamouli told PTI.

“When we started a film, we combined a whole universe of Bahubali. It is not usually a story of a film we have seen, it is a story of any and each character, kingdom, story of where these people come from. All that has been researched and will be (present) in a comic,” he added.

Representational image.

Representational image.

Representational image.

Rajamouli, along with Arka Media Works, has partnered with Graphic India to furnish a series of comics and mobile brief films formed on a movie.

The executive pronounced a online height will safeguard that a film reaches a wider audience.

“There are scarcely 20 crore smartphone users in India. Bahubali is a top noticed film in India, in a race of 120 crore. Can we suppose a series of people who saw a film? Two crore. That is since we have really reduction series of theatres,” he said.

“We have 20 crore screens for people to watch a content. Now, those who had usually listened about a film can see a new calm during a click of a button. It’s going to have a wider strech than a film.”

Sharad Devarajan, co-founder, Graphic India pronounced a online calm will be a “standalone” experience, (while) not perplexing to bond a initial complement of a film to a arriving sequel.

“It’s sparkling for us to come in and clear all these mediums, (such as) comics, animation games for a film. This is not about bridging one film to another. This is a standalone party knowledge like Star Wars and Marvel Universe.”

The group pronounced even yet a concentration is on digital calm as of now, they will try into other mediums such as published books and other sell in future.

“Graphic India and Arka Media Works are also operative on a incomparable charcterised project, tentatively titled, Bahubali: The Lost Legends, that is being grown and constructed by Rajamouli, Arka Media Works Chief Executive Officer Shobu Yarlagadda and Devarajan,” a group said.


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