Making it to a tip of a app charts isn’t only luck; it’s a ideal mix of art and science. Join David Lane — named the Best Indie Game Developer during a 2015 Apps World discussion — and others in a subsequent half-hour ASO master category where they’ll share proven strategy to boost organic installs and more. (This is a second of a 6-part series.)

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Stop meditative of App Store Optimization as simply being a means to augmenting prominence of your app. ASO is not only about anticipating new ways for users to learn your app; it’s about formulating new strategies that will captivate users to try an app they’ve downloaded and lost about. And don’t cruise of ASO as just one stepping mill of mobile marketing; ASO should ring your finish app selling funnel.

As we lonesome in a VentureBeat Insight news — App Store Optimization: Money for nothing, and installs for free — ASO is essential in building an assembly for your app. Organic installations paint 70-80 percent of your designation on average. For app publishers implementing smart ASO, a 20 percent lift in organic downloads customarily occurs, that lowers altogether cost per merger of any mobile user. In some cases, organic downloads might even double or triple a publisher’s downloads.

Whether we go solo or rest on purchased ASO services, you’re organisation to see considerable formula from ASO. In a consult – based on 475 marketers — mobile marketers behaving ASO on their possess perceived an normal of 84 percent life in organic downloads. For those regulating purchased services, app owners achieved an 88 percent lift in organic downloads. With little difference statistically between a dual approaches, a categorical takeaway here isn’t how you’re accomplishing ASO; it’s a significance of indeed doing it.

Success with ASO is distinct when we cruise that 67 percent of mobile app installations occur after an app store search. This is critical knowledge not only for tiny business, though for large brands as good — no matter how clever your selling participation might seem to be, it won’t matter if your ASO is poor. An central Pepsi app entrance adult third on a Google Play search, following dual pointless apps with a difference “Pepsi” and “Cola” in it, is inexcusable. Getting a organisation grip on ASO will establish a success of your app out of a 3 million+  Android and iOS apps you’re competing with.

There’s some-more to learn in ASO, and by signing on for this webinar, you’ll hear even some-more about a advantages from some of a many successful mobile leaders around including David Lane, Founder Managing Director of Fat Fish Games, named Best Indie Game Developer during a 2015 Apps World conference. Lane will explain how ASO was used to boost a designation rate of a flagship game, Bubble Heroes, by 18 percent — and saved time and manpower in a process. Lane will be assimilated by Mika Levo from Pollen VC, an consultant on assisting companies achieve larger expansion by aloft app store revenues.

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In this half-hour ASO masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Practical approaches to optimize creatives and other pivotal app store elements that rivet your audience
  • Discuss metrics that matter and a approaches to A/B contrast that will concede we to establish with certainty what flies and what fails
  • Tips and tricks that will concede we to expostulate a reviews that are essential to lift your app form and appeal


  • David Lane, Founder Managing Director of Fat Fish Games
  • Mika Levo, Head of User Acquisition during Pollen VC


  • Peggy Anne Salz, analyst, VentureBeat

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