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Apple TV is back, and this time we can speak to it.

Announced on Sep 9 and usually now trickling into stores, a latest chronicle of Apple’s streaming set-top box (which starts during $150) has 3 pretension features: Siri, that lets users hunt for cinema and TV shows regulating their voice; a dedicated App Store where users can download games and other apps; and an all-new, touch-sensitive remote control.

It’s a initial vital rider of a device since 2010, with Siri and a App Store carrying a intensity to essentially change your notice of what “TV” can indeed be.

Let’s demeanour during Siri first.

Image: Apple

When a Apple TV was initial announced behind in September, we were blown divided by a apparent correctness and application of Siri, Apple’s informed voice approval and digital partner software. The guarantee done by Apple that afternoon was that users, interjection to Siri, would no longer have to pat divided on a small remote control whenever they wanted to lift adult The Big Bang Theory on iTunes (pictured above). Instead, users would merely have to tell Siri (by pulling and holding a dedicated symbol on a enclosed remote control), “Play The Big Bang Theory,” and they would automatically be whisked divided to a series’ alighting page with all episodes during a ready.

That guarantee has mostly been fulfilled.

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Being means to say, “Find me cinema starring Daniel Craig,” afterwards being means to name between titles like Quantum of Solace, Cowboys and Aliens, and Defiance (pictured above, among a horde of others), and then being means to say, “Only a good ones,” and have Siri make down a initial hunt formula to his critically acclaimed cinema (Skyfall, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, and Layer Cake, again among others) elicits that smashing feeling we get when consumer tech just works and appreciably creates your life that many easier.

Image: Nicholas Deleon

At launch, usually a handful of apps, including HBO Go and HBO Now, Hulu, iTunes, and Netflix (but not YouTube, crucially) support a many consummate Siri searches, vouchsafing users lift adult specific episodes of specific shows on these services. “Find me a second part of True Detective” brings adult “Seeing Things” on HBO Go (for me, during least), while seeking for “the fourth part of Halt and Catch Fire” brings adult “Close to a Metal” on Netflix (pictured above).

Image: Nicholas Deleon

Still, Siri is not flawless. Ask it to find Oscar-winning movies, and instead it records (pictured above) that it doesn’t “know about awards” (though it can “search for cinema by ratings,” regulating Rotten Tomatoes as a database). You also can’t hunt by a specific topic: seeking Siri to find “movies about World War II” earnings (as seen above) “Sorry, we can’t hunt that… But we can hunt by title, actors, year, and categories like regretful comedies or sci fi.” Ditto with seeking Siri to find Spanish- or French-language films: don’t bother. And while a correctness of a voice approval was generally spot-on, Siri did outing adult on certain words, like infrequently conference “the tutors” instead of “the tudors” (as in the Showtime show).

You also can’t use Siri to hunt for apps in a App Store, nor can it hunt Apple Music, Apple’s Spotify-like streaming song service. Support for that is reportedly set for early subsequent year, yet it’s a extraordinary launch repudiation nonetheless.

What about a App Store?

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At launch, dual of a best examples of what an Apple TV local app can be are a home selling QVC app (pictured above) and an practice app called Zova. The QVC app includes a livestream (no wire authentication required) of a selling network, with on-screen links to buy what a hosts are discussing. Zova includes a series of opposite exercises (some are free, while some-more modernized skeleton need an $8 per month subscription) that we can follow along with a instructor to perform in front of a TV.

Image: Nicholas Deleon

Other apps are reduction impressive. Periscope, for example, usually provides a prominence of renouned streams that are occurring right afterwards and there (pictured above), and does not concede we to record into your account. That creates it that many harder to perspective new streams of your friends or budding “Periscope stars” like The Interrobang’s Chris “Scope Bros.” Stanley.

But usually as with a iPhone, we think that as some-more and some-more Apple TV units breeze adult in consumers’ hands, developers will take notice and qualification some-more constrained apps softened matched for your TV. Be on a surveillance for Plex, a renouned home media server that already has apps for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and a PS4, that launched for Apple TV shortly before this examination was published.

And while Apple this time around is also fixation a many heavier importance on gaming, we straightforwardly acknowledge that, as someone with a PS4 and high-end PC, these games aren’t indispensably directed during me. (Think Nintendo Wii here, not Xbox.) Crossy Road, that can charitably be called a Frogger facsimile, is fun in brief bursts, though.

And a remote?

Image: Nicholas Deleon

Even yet it would have been tough for Apple not to have softened a Apple TV remote compared to a prior version, this new one is still so many better (old one’s on a right). For one it’s Bluetooth, definition we no longer need a transparent approach line of steer to use a thing. And Apple has transposed a round D-Pad thing in a prior indication with a touch-sensitive pad that’s identical to a laptop trackpad. Moving around a user interface is merely a matter of shifting your ride opposite a pad left, right, up, or down; clicking a core of a pad, again like a laptop trackpad, selects items. You can adjust a attraction of this touchpad as well.

Beyond a dedicated Siri button, a other new symbol is one that automatically takes we to a Apple TV’s home screen—no some-more carrying to regularly press a Menu symbol to exit your stream app and lapse to a home screen.

Image: Nicholas Deleon

So all of this means what, exactly?

In isolation, a new Apple TV is a good small device: offshoot it adult to your TV, and you’ve got an internet’s value of cinema and TV shows during a ready. Great! Siri dramatically improves hunt (where applicable) and find of new content, while a App Store has a intensity to change what we design a TV to indeed do (though this is wholly contingent on developers entrance adult with constrained apps).

The thing is, a Apple TV does not exist in isolation. Anyone merely endangered with examination Narcos on Netflix or unconstrained repeats of Seinfeld on Hulu on their TV can do so but spending a $150 that a Apple TV costs. Many newer TVs come with these apps built in, and other streaming inclination from companies like Amazon, Google, and Roku can estimate a knowledge of an Apple TV, including easy voice control support, for distant less. (A Chromecast will usually set we behind $35, for example). And a Apple TV does miss during slightest one higher-end feature, 4K support, found on a newest Roku ($130) and Amazon Fire TV ($100).

So what’s critical to you: a rarely refined, transformative user interface and a intensity for genre-defining apps, or saving some-more than a few dollars while still be means to binge on part after part of Restaurant Impossible and The Property Brothers?

Decisions, decisions.

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