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On Sept. 9, Apple is holding an eventuality during a Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, where it will presumably betray a new flagship iPhone as it has finished in years past.

It’s an proclamation we’ve been awaiting for months; Apple has hold press events to deliver a newest smartphone to a universe each Sep given 2012.

But what creates this eventuality opposite is that analysts and attention watchers are awaiting a association to speak about some-more than only a new iPhones and a updated program that’s rising for it soon.

Next week, there’s a possibility we’ll hear about a handful of new inclination that give us an thought of what Apple’s product highway map will demeanour like for a rest of a year.

Some of these will approaching be incremental updates to Apple’s existent products, while others will paint new categories for a company. Apple teased a eventuality with an invitation that reads, “Hey Siri, give us a hint,” hinting that a practical voice-activated partner will play a large purpose in what we’re going to see on stage.  

Based on media reports and predictions from analysts, here’s a demeanour during what to expect.  The new iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone will positively be a headlining proclamation during this event. The association is pronounced to be announcing dual new iPhones on Wednesday, that competence be called a iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The 6S will approaching have a 4.7-inch shade while a 6S Plus will substantially be incomparable during 5.5 inches like a iPhone 6 Plus. A vigour supportive screen

The biggest alleviation will be a further of Force Touch to a iPhone’s screen. This is Apple’s vigour attraction record that a association debuted in a Apple Watch and a new MacBooks. It’s substantially going to work differently in a iPhone, as 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman recently reported.

Force Touch on a iPhone will be some-more about shortcuts given a shade is many incomparable than that of a Apple Watch. Some analysts have voiced skepticism on either or not Force Touch will be adequate of a pull to motivate consumers to upgrade. A new camera

The other large further that’s presumably entrance to a new iPhone is a many improved camera. The categorical camera is approaching to come with a 12-megapixel sensor and a 5 component lens, which we reported final month. A 12-megapixel camera would be a large burst from a stream iPhone’s 8-megapixel camera.

Page 2 of 4 – It radically means a subsequent iPhone will come with a sensor that’s means of holding in some-more light, that means picture peculiarity will get better. Reports have also pronounced a new iPhone will be means of sharpened 4K video.The front-facing camera is removing some improvements too. It’ll have a 5-megapixel sensor rather than a 1.2-megapixel sensor, according to a customarily accurate KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, and it’ll approaching have a flash.  Other stuff

Other ubiquitous additions we competence see in a new iPhone embody a faster processor and a new rose bullion tone option. Apple is also pronounced to be regulating a same aluminum it uses for a Apple Watch Sport for a surrounding of a subsequent iPhone, that will make it some-more durable. 

Apple will also substantially speak about when a subsequent vital program refurbish for a iPhone will be released. Apple denounced iOS 9 in June, though it customarily waits until it reveals a new iPhone to contend accurately when a refurbish will launch.  A rested Apple TV

Apple hasn’t updated a Apple TV in years, though it sounds like a association is going to announce a new indication subsequent week. The many critical changes will reportedly embody a new design, faster components, a revamped remote control that includes a hold pad as good as earthy buttons, complicated Siri integration, a possess App Store, and support for gaming.

The program is pronounced to demeanour a lot like iOS 9, that means navigating a Apple TV will feel a bit some-more like regulating your iPhone. Gurman records that Siri will be a primary approach we correlate with a Apple TV. There will reportedly be a symbol on a new Apple TV remote that launches a microphone for voice commands.

There’s also some conjecture that a new Apple TV will have a pacifist listening underline identical to a Amazon Echo, as Piper Jaffray researcher Gene Munster points out. This means we competence be means to activate Siri to govern a authority by simply observant “Hey Siri” rather than dire a button.

Based on reports, it sounds like Apple is going to position a new set-top box as a multimedia party core for your vital room rather than as only a streaming device. For instance, one news from Gurman says Apple is going to make certain a box is concordant with Bluetooth gaming controllers. This hints that you’ll be means to download games directly from an app store onto a streaming set-top box.  

The Apple TV’s new capabilities will come during a price. The new device is reportedly going to cost $149, compared to a stream model’s $69 price. Siri will be a concentration point

Page 3 of 4 – As a event’s invitation suggests, we’re substantially going to be conference a lot about Siri during Apple’s event. Siri is approaching to be a large partial of a Apple TV. Munster, for instance, thinks that we competence be means to use it to control any device we have in your home that are regulating on Apple’s HomeKit framework. 

Beyond a new Apple TV, Apple has done it transparent that Siri is a large partial of a iPhone’s destiny as well. One of a many important additions to come with iOS 9, for instance, is Apple’s new chronicle of Siri, that can offer adult suggestions about who we wish to contact, places circuitously that we competence wish to visit, and more.

We’re firm to hear some-more about how Siri ties into Apple’s products in new ways during a event.  Apple’s super-sized iPad and a new iPad mini

Here’s one approach Apple’s Sep eventuality competence be opposite than those in years past: a association competence deliver new iPads. Usually, Apple binds a second eventuality in Oct to take a wraps off a new tablets, though Gurman reports that it’s going to occur in Sep this year. 

Specifically, Apple will reportedly betray a much-rumored iPad Pro and a new chronicle of a iPad mini. The iPad Pro is approaching to be Apple’s biggest iPad nonetheless — reports have suggested that it will come with a 12.9-inch shade with Force Touch compared to a stream iPad’s 9.7-inch screen. Apple seems to be rebellious a craving and productivity-focused crowd, as Gurman reports that Apple is creation a possess stylus and keyboard for it too. 

Although Steve Jobs famously hated a thought of regulating a stylus with a tablet, Apple has tested mixed prototypes for a stylus designed to work with a iPad, as we reported final month. Apple has also been testing a incomparable iPad given as distant behind as 2012, we also reported in July. 

If Apple does betray a incomparable iPad, we can substantially pattern to see some of Apple’s craving partners on theatre to showcase how a apps will work on a incomparable tablet. 

The new iPad mini, comparatively, is approaching to have a thinner pattern than a stream indication and updated inner components.  Some Apple Watch updates

We substantially won’t see a new Apple Watch indication only yet, though Gurman reports that we’ll see new watch bands for a stream watch. These will substantially embody sports bands in new colors, and presumably a new bullion surrounding for a Sport model. 

Page 4 of 4 – Apple will also approaching speak some-more about a new Apple Watch software: watchOS 2. It brings poignant improvements to a watch, including a ability to run apps natively on a device itself. Apple has formerly pronounced that a refurbish will launch in a fall, though hasn’t pronounced accurately when. We’re awaiting to hear an central launch date during a event.

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