In a final few years, as a tellurian leaders of smartphone markets have shown signs of negligence down, we have seen that vital OEMs have incited their concentration divided from US and China and towards a fast flourishing Indian smartphone scenario. It is estimated that by 2017, 500 million Indian users will be online, and a lion’s share of that number, scarcely 314 million, will be regulating their mobile inclination as a primary Internet gateway. Thus, a fast expanding Indian smartphone marketplace provides a lot of event to both hardware and program vendors alike. While we have discussed in good fact a several strategies followed by OEMs looking to strengthen their share in a Indian market, currently we are going to take a demeanour during a Indian smartphone ecosystem from an app developer’s indicate of view.

Despite being one of a many fast flourishing smartphone consumer base, a Indian smartphone app ecosystem is abundant with pitfalls singular to a demographic and technical infrastructure that is benefaction in a nation right now. In a recently published comprehensive examination of a Android  App ecosystem in India, – world’s heading third celebration app stores for Android app/games – have unclosed some intolerable information about a kind of hardware and network constraints that app users and developers in India both have to contend with. Despite all of these challenges, Indian app consumers are spending some-more than ever, as we find an estimated Rs. 15 billion (US$ 240 million) spent on apps by Indian users in 2015 alone, a pointy boost of 66% YoY from a Rs. 9 billion (US$ 140 million) spent in 2014. This reiterates a fact that notwithstanding everything, there is a good event for app developers to gain on a bang of smartphone invasion in India. And usually how that can be achieved is what we aim to unearth today!

Majority of Android Apps Are Downloaded on 2G Network

Despite delayed connectovity and increating invasion of 3G/4G enabled smartphone devices, infancy of Android apps are still downlaoded regulating 2G information connectivity in India, revelas a report. This could be attributed to a fact that 3G information is still deliberate as an costly or business network by first-time or amature app users. Besides, 3G connectivity in India is nonetheless to strech a compensation turn generally in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

It’s is also engaging to learn that Android smartphone users in India have, on an average, 32 apps installed which is many obtuse than a tellurian normal of 42 apps. The gap, however, is sqeezed when we review a a normal series gaming apps installed. 17% of daily app downlaods in India are associated to gaming indusry.

Hardware Dictating Terms for a Software: Android Apps in India

amdroid screens

While it has been utterly a few months given Google has rolled out Marshmallow, a bill smartphone shred in India has been preoccupied to Android complement upgrades with a towering 47.21% of inclination stranded behind dual generations during Android 4.4 KitKat. While we did a some-more in-depth investigate on Android fragmentation in India earlier, this information corroborates with a early observations that in a low-end shred of devices, Lollipop has hardly done a hole as distant as numbers are concerned, with Marshmallow being scarcely nonexistent in a subsequent 10k category.

The widespread superiority of progressing versions of Android along with a fact that shade fortitude of usually about 12.5% of inclination is 720p, poses a large problem for app developers as good as calm creators. The comparison versions of Android make it formidable to emanate a protected sourroundings for apps as previous versions of Android are riddled with inauspicious bugs. Along with that, a low-resolution screens of many inclination creates it formidable for app developers to offer HD calm to a finish user. All of these factors singly impact a app choices of Indian consumers, a fact that we see clearly portrayed in a segment.

Android App Downloads in India: Facebook Secures 4 Spots in Top 10

A discerning demeanour during a apps list from above and one can see a settlement commencement to form. Leaving a amicable media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and a Instant Messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, we find that 4 apps in a tip 10 go to a Tools category. This indeed binds loyal in a incomparable design as good as Tools have a largest app share in a Indian Android App marketplace with  1 out of any 5 apps being downloaded daily hailing from that category. Next adult comes social media and video apps, both autocratic 9.43% any of a marketplace share.


Interestingly, notwithstanding a Free Basics debacle, Facebook still seems to have a flattering clever reason on a Indian marketplace by a own amicable media and Instant Messaging app, as good as acquisitions WhatsApp and Instagram creation it to a list as well. We take a demeanour during a opposite categories in fact in a following paragraphs.

Privacy and Data Caps Boost Tools Download


Nearly 60% of a app downloads in India take place on 2G networks with usually 4 % holding place on a many faster LTE networks. That joined with difficult information caps in place by many carriers force people into regulating browsers and apps that can assistance preserve their mobile data. The collection list communicate a same story as UC Browser, with a information saving facilities accumulate a tip spot. The subsequent dual spots are assigned by Xender and ShareIT, dual record pity apps that assistance people share apk files of apps directly instead of carrying to download them over and over from an app store.

We also see utterly a few cleaning and confidence apps that have done their place in a list. The old-fashioned versions of Android lift confidence concerns, and these apps assistance a smartphone user have a relations assent of mind. The decidedly center of a highway hardware accessible in many of a renouned smartphones necessitates a designation of memory cleaners as well.

Indian Consumers Prefer Offline Playback Compared to Streaming


The low information caps and delayed connectors in a infancy of Indian smartphones creates it participation felt nonetheless again as we see a world’s largest and many renouned video streaming height YouTube tumble behind MX Player, an offline video player, and VidMate a video downloader.

Homebrewed Apps Make their Mark in Social Media and E-Commerce


In annoy of all a prevalence from Facebook during a tip of a table, Hike, a IM app done in India seems to have prisoner a hearts of a Indian assembly as it finds itself during te 5th spot, leapfrogging even Google-owned Social Media Platform as good as IM.


Despite e-commerce apps forming usually 3% of app downloads, they have a intensity to be one of a biggest source of income for India in a entrance years. Worth around $16 billion in 2015 itself,  the e-commerce attention in India is flourishing during a fast pace. At a helm of it is Indian E-Commerce hulk Flipkart, who have managed to kick out even Amazon, a association who pride themselves to be a Internet’s Shopping Cart.

Apps have struck a ideal change between welfare and security, and as users tend to spend some-more and some-more time on their smartphones, we find that a Indian shoppers are increasingly regulating their mobile for profitable as good as selling things off a Internet. Unfortunately, notwithstanding a steady boost in a income tide from online payments, games have struggled to beget income in India. And in a final segment, we shall hold bottom with a mobile gaming apps in India and use their example, encapsulate a struggles of creation it large in a Indian App Ecosystem.

Final Thoughts


In a new age of entertainment, video games have turn a new vital tellurian actor with revenues touching $91.5 billion in 2015. Leading from a front has been mobile games with their freemium models. But India, notwithstanding being home to some of a many inclusive infrequent players, has nonetheless unsuccessful to make a solid source of income from a mobile gamers.

By 2016, a Indian mobile gaming attention is estimated to be value around  $571.6 million and notwithstanding carrying one of a tip rates of mobile diversion downloads during 17% of daily app downloads, a income sum don’t demeanour utterly as promising. The reasons because income is dipping in a mobile gaming attention opposite a universe is especially app influence and user communication as we minute in an essay before, though India has a possess set of hurdles that disease a possess app industry.


Looking past a apparent prevalence of Samsung in a tip 10 many used smartphones using a Android OS, we find another common factor. The inclination are all terribly underpowered for uniformly using many of a games with modernized graphics that are prevalent in a Android marketplace today. This is not usually an removed problem for diversion developers though app developers on a whole who have to keep a diseased hardware of a aim assembly in mind while creation such games.


Added to that is a fact that many of these games need an online member and a miss of a correct high-speed information tie for many users means that they can conjunction suffer a full knowledge of a diversion nor emanate income for a diversion developers who count on online exchange and IAPs for their revenue.



Indian mobile gamers have shown a clever welfare for racing games with scarcely 30% of a downloads entrance from that genre, followed by Action during 23% and with Adventure and Casual bringing adult a rear. If India has any possibility of reaching a enchanting figure of $1.2 billion in income from mobile games by 2016, a finish renovate of a program side of things are needed. We have listed subsequent in bullet points some of he actionable points by diversion developers and distributors alike


Amplifying a problem serve is a normal age of many of a app users. Almost 7 out of 10 app users are subsequent 25, and this means that notwithstanding spending a satisfactory volume of time any day on their smartphones, they’re incompetent to impact revenues due to their singular selling power. So what can app developers do to pill this situation? Other than a technical side of things that we discussed earlier, there is a amicable side to it as well.

  • Increase Targeted Demographic From Metros to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities: 70% of a sum app user bases resides in metro cities, with scarcely a entertain of them staying in Delhi alone. India is a outrageous nation of over 1.2 billion people and with a introduction of 4G networks opposite a country, app developers contingency find to boost their geographical reach.
  • Intice Female Users: App users in India are overwhelmingly masculine with usually 20% of a app user bottom being from a fairer sex. This is a enormous event for dual specific app categories. Casual games such as Candy Crush that is already hugely renouned with womanlike gamers around a universe has a intensity to daub into India’s womanlike smartphone user base. Other than that e-commerce apps could make a outrageous distinction if they could integrate amicable media into their selling apps creation it an interactive knowledge for their womanlike users.

In a difference of a good Chinees General Sun Tzu

Opportunities greaten as they are seized

And a Indian smartphone marketplace is developed with opportunities as it hurtles towards 720 million smartphone users by a finish of this decade. What stays to be seen is that apps can use their skill to squeeze a beginning and renovate a Android App Landscape in India.

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